Monday, November 05, 2007

Summary for the period of 3 - 17 Dec 07

Ok..... lots of reasons why i have not been running.. but the fact remains... i have not been running as regularly as i should.

3 Nov 07: Tigger's Family Run
4 - 17 Nov 07: No runs, no training, unless you talking about patience.

Tigger's Family Run - 3 Nov 07

Thanks to JT, i did cover some distance.
JT came round in a cab to pick me up circa 0430hrs and we then proceeded to meet the rest just outside People's Association at Kallang. Wearing Zoots Tri Tights, King of the Road Yellow Adidas vest, footpod, Nathan Hydrobelt and cap, i put on NB735 before swallowing 2 capsules of Amino Acid with some water.
Tigger explained the route before starting the run, leading the pack consisting of YankeeII, Burnz, Terence, Tao, Celebrity Bee, JT and i. At a steady pace, we did 5km and then took a pit-stop near the floating platform at the Esplanade. After a short toilet break, we continued on along Raffles Boulevard before turning into Shenton Way via the Esplanade Bridge.
We then turned left along Maxwell Rd and headed for Marina South, where we turned left passing the front of Country Club, then left and right before eventually passing by the seafood centre. It was then a left again to pass the Country Club before a final left and ending 10km at the Ferry Terminal.
After a short toilet break where i had my first pack of powergel, JT and i started our 8min run/2 min walk routine, backtracking our way back to the NTUC club at Maxwell Rd. A short rest for waterbreak later and we were off running again, passing by Shenton Way before going under the Esplanade bridge, heading for Kim Seng at 17km.
I've started to feel tired and my feet were sore by then. The 2 minutes walk breaks felt very heavenly. We passed by Clarke Quay then Robertson Quay before taking a short cut and crossing the bridge in front of Furama Riverside Hotel, trying not to exceed our planned 27km. On the way back, to our surprise, we saw Tigger and Bee waiting at Riverside Point. They were either very fast or they took a short cut. After getting a can of 100+ at 7-11, we continued our run/walk and met YankeeII and Terence in front of Victoria Concert Hall. Exchaning hellos, JT and i left for Esplanade, where we hoped our next walk break will be.
By then, JT's footpod already showed 25km. We then decided to continue for another 2km before calling it a day, and walk all the way back to the start point at Kallang. We eventually stopped just opposite Pebbles Bay and walked the rest of the route back. The rest of the guys eventually decided to return after a while. After shower, we headed for Seah Street for breakfast at Killiney Kopitiam. Thanks to JT and Tigger for this run, really needed it.
Distance: 27km
Shoe: NB735

Summary for the period 24 Oct - 2 Nov

Slow build up for SCSM... too slow.
Wednesday, 24 Oct 2007: Wednesday run, Marina Promenade-Kim Seng-Marina Promenade.
25 Oct - 2 Nov 2007: No runs. Many excuses, mainly revolves around monitoring of renovation works at the new place.

Wed run - 24 Oct 07

Been a long while since i ran from office on Wednesdays. Knowing that i was way behind in terms of training for SCSM, i forced myself to do this. 13km, Kallang river to Kim Seng and back. Felt very unfit, but glad i ran.
Distance: 13km
Shoes: NB 735

Summary for 9 Sep to 23 Oct 2007

Fasting month covers most of this period. Then again, i ran during fasting month last year. Was just too lazy this time round.

9 - 10 Sep: No runs.
11 Sep: CBD Run.
12 Sep - 23 Oct: No runs.

Need i say more?