Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Farmosa Triathlon: Sprint Distance - 10 May 08

When it rains, it pours. Third event in 4 weekends and first Tri for the year. Heard lots of horror stories about the swim section of this event and Wildcat advised me to check it out.

Reached A Farmosa early and after collecting race pack, i checked into the hotel. The sprint race was scheduled at 4pm and i took an hour nap before started my preparation.

Got to race site early and set up transition. Opted for platform peddles instead of cleat due to the short race distance. Already donning my Zoot blue tritop and back thights, i placed shades and visor just beside the hooked AFD.

Did some stretching and practise swim. Water was cold and brown but taste much better than sea water. Feeling that i have scared myself enough, i waited for familiar faces like Daniel Gan and Tri_jon to appear.

Participants had to trap water as the race was a water start. Uncle Chan finally blew the horn signaling the start of the race. I then realised that i did not have my polar with me. Anyhow, i kept at the back of pack and slowly frogged my way through the course. Thankfully, there was a swim rope and i had no worries about calling for help.

After what felt like eternity, i completed the swim and headed out to transition. Put on white LAS and NB735 Red and off i went cycling. The cycle course is 2 loops of undulating 10kms. Managed to overtake some cyclists and eventually Daniel Gan.

Completed the 2 loops and back to transition. Hooked the bike, dropped the helmet and slowly made my way out for the run. Didn't want to tire myself out so i took a real slow jog-walk. Daniel overtook me before i finished the race in 1:27hrs.

Next day is OD.

Distance: 500m swim + 20km bike + 3km run
Time: 1:27hrs