Wednesday, September 12, 2007

CBD Run - 11 Sep 07

Been a while since i ran CBD. With the constructions at Marina South in full swing, i guess the group has a new route.

Left office and barely made it before the group leaves. Put on my new TNF Arnuva Boa 50, having already changed to my Mizuno blue vest and shorts.

Tigger briefed the group and then started the run. The 2 months or so i spent in Bintan hasn't done me any good in terms of running. Though i have completed some races during that period, i was afraid that i might have lost my running groove.

I followed the group though, trying my best to keep up with them. We headed along Tanjung Pagar Road and somehow made our to Spottiswood area before coming out along Jalan Bukit Merah. We then entered Kampong Baru Road and slowly ran towards the foot of Mount Faber.

Slowly, we ran up Mount Faber. My only other time running this way up was a long, long time ago, with NL. The lack of training showed as i struggled to make my way to the top. Nevertheless, i arrived at the summit where Tigger again briefed the group. We were to head halfway down towards Wishart Road but turn left to go up to the summit again just before we reach Wishart Road.

I was at the tail end of the group to ensure that i don't get influenced by their fast pace. Even going downhill was a problem for me as i struggled to stablelize my breathing. The way up was equally bad. The good thing was, i managed to run continuously to the summit. Though most of the other guys did 2 laps of the down-then-uphill, i was content with just one.

I made my way back to the startpoint along the same path i took to reach Mount Faber. It was a lonely run but i bumped into Vincent from Redhawk just outside the train station. After a short chat, i continued back to the start, meeting Tao along the way. We ran back the rest of the journey together.

Less than 3 months to SCSM and i'm totally unfit. With the high possibility of no training during the fasting month, i really wonder how am i to survive the Real Run, Powerman and SCSM.

Distance: 12km
Shoe: TNF Arnuva Boa 50.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Summary for the week of 2 - 8 Sept 07

Mission accomplished. Whole week in Bintan. Ran a bit.
  • Sunday, 2 Sept: Missed Yaakob's wedding, had to clear some work. No runs.
  • Monday, 3 Sept: In Bintan. A disastrous rehearsal for the Bursary event left me with a sleepless night.
  • Tuesday, 4 Sept: The big day. Event completed without major screw ups. To celebrate its completion, i did a 5.6km run from Rhino statues to Fire Station along the East-West Road with BT. Then did a light workout at FSD Gym with SK.
  • Wednesday, 5 Sept: Big load off my shoulder. Had to remain in Bintan due to the distribution of the remaining bursaries at the village schools. Did a 5km run in the evening, from junction of Logistics towards the East West Road, a right turn on East West heading towards Bintan Lagoon, then a right turn on the junction of road towards Pasar Oleh-Oleh before a left turn at the junction of SD Tunas Bangsa-Wisma BRC, ending the run in front of the soccer field.
  • Thursday, 6 Sept: Whole day out at the village. Had an hour of foot reflexology at RM's new shop at POO in the evening.
  • Friday, 7 Sept: Back in Singapore after another long day giving out bursaries at the village schools. Ops Covering CD accomplished. Hey Boss, what's my next challenge?
  • Saturday, 8 Sept: Back in Bintan for a one day site visit with a Mr JTSL from CGS. OCIPs coming up.
Felt so relieved. JN has fully taken over CD. I'm back to being the CCC.

Summary for the week of 26 Aug - 1 Sept 07

Feeling the heat.
  • Sunday, 26 Aug: Already decided against going for AHM due to rashes, so rested at home.
  • Monday, 27 Aug: No runs.
  • Tuesday, 28 Aug: In Bintan. Had a gym workout at FSD after work.
  • Wednesday, 29 Aug: Still in Bintan, still suffering from rashes. Gathering at LBV after GM meeting. Think i got bitten by sandflies.
  • Thursday, 30 Aug: Came back to Singapore late. No training.
  • Friday, 31 Aug: In Singapore, but lots of things to clear. No runs.
  • Saturday, 1 Sept: Tired, rested. No training. Watched Man Utd beat Roy Keane's Sunderland 1-0. Wonder what SAF sees in Anderson and Tevez.
Another slack week.

Summary for the week of 19-25 August 07

The high of completing a triathlon.
  • Sunday, 19 Aug: Sprint race at Desaru LD Triathlon.
  • Monday, 20 Aug: Went to Bintan for a site visit on boat with NG and OBS/RJC.
  • Tuesday, 21 Aug: Miscomm with Ed meant i had Tuesday free. Too bad didn't have my running gears with me or i could have joined the guys at CBD.
  • Wednesday, 22 Aug: Went to Bintan, no runs, no gym.
  • Thursday, 23 Aug: Still in Bintan, no training.
  • Friday, 24 Aug: Left for day shopping trip in KL. Took morning bus, reached KL just after 1. Went straight to Masjid India district. Ed shopped while i provided portering services. Left for the Curve and Ikano after that, where we had Meatball at Ikea. Took the night train back.
  • Saturday, 25 Aug: Out of nowhere, rashes developed on my hands and back. Decided against running in SAFRA AHM.
Getting tired of traveling.