Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SAFRA SIngapore Biathlon, 12 Feb 11

Second attempt at Biathlon. Got up late and rushed to the event area. Good thing i have packed the race essentials the night before. Drove with Ed to ECP and had to park near the Cable Ski Park before walking down to the transition area.

Earlier waves had already started and i caught glimpses of Coach Alex, Roonz and WeeSan embarking on their 10km run. Collected the race pack from registration and set up transition. Wearing red 2xu tritop and bottom, i was issued number 8062 heading out to sea on Wave 4.

Posed for a few snaps on Ed's Canon 500D before joining the queue at the startline. The swim route will take me anti-clockwise towards Changi. I've decided to stay at back of pack so not to be crawled over and as the host sounded the horn signaling the start of the race, i did just that.

Swimming perpendicular to the coast for 200m, i was sandwiched by 2 other swimmers swimming froggy. Using them as my target, i crawled forward and sighted every 10 strokes. After what felt like a long time, i reached the bouy and turned port towards Changi. The 2 other swimmers were now to my front and starboard. The sea was calm but the under-current was rather strong to my liking. Crawling my way forward, i eventually reached the u-turn point. With swimrope on my starboard and my marking swimmer half a body length on starboard bow, i crawled forward and entered the swim finish fairway towards shore. My hands touched sand with the clock at 50mins.

Jogged to transition with Ed snapping photos, i exchanged the goggle and swim cap for socks, TNF Boa blue and 2xu shades. WeeSan had already finished her race and offered me a powergel which i gladfully accepted. I then head out for the run after taking a sip of diluted 100plus.

Running at what felt like 6.5mins/km, i felt the brick feeling on my feet but persevered on. Following the twisting and turning route i u-turned at the 2.5km point, looking out for a target to follow. I found one at the 4km mark, Reuel. We ran the next 5km side by side, talking about work, training, travel, holiday while encouraging each other on. We caught up with other runners along the way and encouraged them to move on.

Upon reaching the 9km mark at the food centre, i sped up, leaving Reuel and another runner. I expected them to follow me but realised a while later that they were lagging way behind. With a continuous flow of athletes heading out of race area having completed their race to my right, i saw the finishing chute. Ed was snapping away on her Canon and i completed the race in 2:05hrs.

Collected the medal and other race goodies. Met up with the swimmer i used as marker, Muz, and got to know a few athletes from the Facebook Terai-Melayu gang.

Good race, examplary race management, definately an event i need to attempt every year.

Swam: 1.5km
Ran: 10km
Time: 2:05hrs