Thursday, February 22, 2007

Summary for week of 11-17 Feb

Stressful week.
  • Sunday, 11 Feb: No runs.
  • Monday, 12 Feb: No runs.
  • Tuesday, 13 Feb: Valentine Eve CBD Run.
  • Wednesday, 14 Feb: No runs. Went to Bintan in the morning.
  • Thursday, 15 Feb: No runs. Went to view the house. Only good point other than the location was the iron gate. Flooring was marble, wasn't bad, just that i have never imagined my home to have marble flooring. I have always prefered white ceramic tiles. Flooring must be neutral, let the furnitures dictate the house's design. Dining area was spacious but living room looked rather narrow. Walls weren't plastered smooth. Toilets needed major work. So does the kitchen, with its awful pink walls-covering tiles. I dread to think how much the renovation will cost me.
  • Friday, 16 Feb: Quiet day at the office. Too lazy to run. Had to bring lots of things home, bearing in mind the next time i will be working will be the following Friday. Long holiday due to CNY. Apologies to Oliver, the guys from my GDBA class held a gathering to welcome him back from China, i had to excuse myself, again.
  • Saturday, 17 Feb: Brokie organised a run, to welcome Richy who arrived from Hong Kong. Though originally planned to join, i pulled out the day before, sorry Brokie.

So another lack-of-running week. I seriously doubt i could be ready for Vertical Marathon. Maybe i should just concentrate on training for KLIM.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine Eve Run at CBD - 13 Feb 07

CBD Run on the eve of Valentine's Day. More than 15 people gathered for the run. I took leave for the day, for no apparent reason other than to assist with the renovation going on at my parent's house. Got to Tanjong Pagar early, so had drinks with my good neighbour Sassyrunner.
Headed for the start point and changed to my Mizuno white/orange top and black shorts, and put on my beloved Adizero SN Red plus my urban running kit-filled waist wallet.
Tigger gave a short briefing about the route before we set off. The route started at Tanjong Pagar MRT, down Maxwell Rd to Marina Station Rd after the tunnel, then into Marina City Park towards the sundial. We then had to find our way to the pavements at the side of Benjamin Sheares Bridge which will bring us to Raffles Boulevard. From there, head towards Esplanade Bridge and run down Shenton Way before turning right at Maxwell Rd to go back to the start point.
I started behind the front pack but waited for the next group at the entrance of Marina City Park. Running with ST and Angie, we headed towards the sundial before going up the bridge towards Raffles Boulevard. Then it was toilet break for me before catching up with Angie and ST. Did a short sprint with Cokiee from Maxwell Rd back to the start point.
It was then games time with SGRunners. Sotong was the host, grouping the guys from the girls. Of course the guys lost, hardly surprising since we have intelligent ladies.
Good run, though a little on the short side.
Distance: 8km
Shoe: Adizero SN Red

Summary of Week 4-10 Feb 07

Just one run, very busy with every other thing:

  • Sunday, 4 Feb: House hunting Part 2. Found 2 nice units, one at Pasir Ris, nearby Downtown East, while the other at Tampines, near to stadium, swimming pool, mosque and central. No runs.
  • Monday, 5 Feb: No runs, had to clear some stuff at work till late.
  • Tuesday, 6 Feb: CBD Run.
  • Wednesday, 7 Feb: My plan for a run was dashed by a long meeting.
  • Thursday, 8 Feb: No runs, had a Double Whopper with Cheese from BK instead.
  • Friday, 9 Feb: D-day. An hour wait at HDB office, and decided to go long on a call (buy an option to buy, if i remember my Finance correctly) option for the flat at Tampines. Goodbye HSP, hello Eastside.
  • Saturday, 10 Feb: Celebration time, after a hectic and stressful week looking and waiting for a house. So....... no runs.

Another inactive week. Good luck to me.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

CBD Run - 6 Feb 07

I have been rather inactive since the GE 30km in KL, so i was overjoyed when Tuesday came. Made my way to CBD after a long meeting at the office.
Sadly, just a handful of runners turned up; one of them being Juwatim. Running is probably not the sport of choice for people in my community. That probably explained why there are not many Malay runners in SGRunners; the boss TLR, ALD, Harmoni, Siti, OP, me and now Juwatim.
Anyhow, having donned my SGRunners vest and Adidas back shorts, i put on my new Asics Cumulus. Nobody wanted to lead the run so i just ran at my own pace, with Juwatim close behind. He was behind me not because he was slower, but because he didn't know the route.
Having had the usual toilet break at the pier, i ran alongside, first JT and Angie, then Petia. Juwatim was still following a few meters back. Slow and steady, we made our way back to the start point.
Didn't really enjoyed the run this time, probably because i wasn't used to the new shoe.
Distance: 10km
Shoe: Asics Cumulus

The need for good shoes

The recently purchase Asics Gel Cumulus VIII was the fifth running shoe that i have bought since i joined SGRunners, back in May 2006. Before that, i have never purchased a running shoe costing more than S$100. I have been asked my times, even by runners, on why i spend a sizeable percentage of my income on shoes. Well, i could only think of 1 incident.

Back in 2001, that will be during the holidays after my second year exams, i went camping at Pulau Ubin's Nordin Beach, with a group of friends. To cut the story short, i accidentally stepped onto burning charcoal on my way to my tentage. A group of students sharing the beach with us had left burning coal on the beach. How irresponsible!! I spent the next 2 weeks limping and in great pain. Good thing i was wearing a Teva sandal, covered most of my feet. It was then that i realised how precious our limps are and have taken every conceivable effort to take care of myself, including giving up football (for fear of injuring my leg) and buying expensive shoes.

I think the first expensive shoe i bought was my Magnum combat boots, which my reservist buddies still disturbed me about. If i remember correctly, i paid S$105 for that. A little steep for what i would use for less than 20 days a year. Nevertheless, comparing this boots with the one supplied by SPF is like comparing heaven and hell. No matter how much patrolling i have to do, or how long i need to stand at the sentry or observation point, the shoe caused me no pain. Maybe because it has bled my pocket when i paid for it.

My first expensive running shoe was the Adidas Adizero SN Orange. My running shoe list, as of June 2006, is as follows:
  • Adidas Adizero SN Orange : S$104 (Excellent cushioning and weight, good for 21km; 4 half Marathons and an Ultramarathon finishes)
  • Adidas Nova : S$64 (i think) (under-utilised)
  • Mizuno Creation 7 : S$146 (a total disappointment; heavy like a brick)
  • Adidas Adizero SN Red : S$104 (1 half Marathon, 1 30km and 1 full Marathon finishes)
  • New Balance 1060 : S$109 (good cushioning but stiff and heavy)
  • Asics Gel Cumulus : S$126

Might be a lot of money spent but i rather buy good shoes than injure myself.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Summary for week of 28 Jan - 3 Feb

Run, Dinner etc
  • Sunday, 28 Jan: No runs. Bought cushioning gel and Nathan waist wallet from RunningLab
  • Monday, 29 Jan: No runs.
  • Tuesday, 30 Jan: CBD Run.
  • Wednesday, 31 Jan: No runs. Did a light workout at the gym.
  • Thursday, 1 Feb: No runs. Boss' birthday dinner.
  • Friday, 2 Feb: No runs. Bought a pair of Asics Cumulus VIII from Queensway, $126.
  • Saturday, 3 Feb: No runs. Roaming around the island for my future shelter.
Not much run but i'm glad to have done the gym work. It has been a while since i did sit ups and thankfully i could still do 42 within a minute.

CBD Run - 30 Jan 07

As usual, Tuesdays meant CBD Run. Many runners were already at the start point when i arrived, including Taz. Taz has been out of action since Singapore Marathon in Dec. It is great to see him back.
Had changed to my running attire at the office, so i just needed to put on my NB1060 and urban running kit before starting the run. My shoe had an extra cushioning gel inserted under the insole, which i hope could solve my forefoot problem. I also had my Nathan Waist Wallet on, though without the 5 packs of Powergel i intend to carry during KL Marathon.
Did the first part of the usual Marina South route mainly on my own. After toilet break at the Pier, continued and did the extra 3km loop with Balasing and Alvo.
Distance: 13km
Shoe: NB1060
Cushioning Gel: Not much impact but added extra weight to the shoe.
Nathan Waist Wallet: Cool stuff, hardly felt its' presence although it is much bulkier than the race belt i normally wear.