Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Farmosa Triathlon: Sprint Distance - 10 May 08

When it rains, it pours. Third event in 4 weekends and first Tri for the year. Heard lots of horror stories about the swim section of this event and Wildcat advised me to check it out.

Reached A Farmosa early and after collecting race pack, i checked into the hotel. The sprint race was scheduled at 4pm and i took an hour nap before started my preparation.

Got to race site early and set up transition. Opted for platform peddles instead of cleat due to the short race distance. Already donning my Zoot blue tritop and back thights, i placed shades and visor just beside the hooked AFD.

Did some stretching and practise swim. Water was cold and brown but taste much better than sea water. Feeling that i have scared myself enough, i waited for familiar faces like Daniel Gan and Tri_jon to appear.

Participants had to trap water as the race was a water start. Uncle Chan finally blew the horn signaling the start of the race. I then realised that i did not have my polar with me. Anyhow, i kept at the back of pack and slowly frogged my way through the course. Thankfully, there was a swim rope and i had no worries about calling for help.

After what felt like eternity, i completed the swim and headed out to transition. Put on white LAS and NB735 Red and off i went cycling. The cycle course is 2 loops of undulating 10kms. Managed to overtake some cyclists and eventually Daniel Gan.

Completed the 2 loops and back to transition. Hooked the bike, dropped the helmet and slowly made my way out for the run. Didn't want to tire myself out so i took a real slow jog-walk. Daniel overtook me before i finished the race in 1:27hrs.

Next day is OD.

Distance: 500m swim + 20km bike + 3km run
Time: 1:27hrs

Monday, May 05, 2008

Summary for the week of 28 Apr - 4 May 08

Picking up the pace.

Monday, 28 Apr: Swim lessons.
Tuesday, 29 Apr: No training.
Wednesday, 30 Apr: No training.
Thursday, 1 May: Bintan on Bike.
Friday, 2 May: No training.
Saturday, 3 May: No training. Sent bike to Rodalink for half-yearly servicing and repair of rear wheel.
Sunday, 4 May: Singapore Sprint Series Duathlon.

Tribob Singapore Sprint Series Duathlon - 4 May 08

Second race of the year and the second race in the Sprint Series. Got to race site early, thanks to my aunt's Lancer. Ed was there to cheer me on and provide logistical assistance. My black Scott AFD was at the Rodalink workshop so i had to use Ed's Helios 500.

Collected race chip and set up transition consisting of 2XU visor and drinks. The weather was very hot and i was gulping down lots of fluid. Wearing my 2XU red tri-thights and Adidas white vest, i did some stretching and warm ups before meeting up with Burnz, Aerosolcan, Jodan, Sanjeev and Daniel Gan.

The race started and everybody went off sprinting, everybody except for me. I did a consistent run and completed the segment in 16:33mins, not exactly race speed. Got to my bike, threw the visor down and put on LAS helmet before unhooking the bike for the slow jog to the mounting line.

Mounted and spinned on the lightest gear to acclimatise the legs. The ride section consisted of 3 loops of undulating 5kms at Old and new Mandai Rd. The route was pretty narrow so overtaking needed a lot of certainty. Completed the 3 loops in 33:02mins. Dismounted and slow jogged to the transition slot.

Hooked the bike, dropped the helmet and put on the visor. A gulp of water and i was off running, slowly to prevent cramps. Heard a lot of horror stories regarding cramps during duathlon. Eventually i fell victim to a kind circa 1.5km and had to slow down, real slow. After the waterpoint, i continued running and finished the run in 20:20mins for an overall race time of 1:13hrs.

Good race, good route, weather was extremely hot.

Run1: 3km
Time: 1:13hrs

Bintan on Bike: Bintan Tri Recce Ride - 1 May 08

It's May Day, a much needed public holiday, not for resting, but for last minute training for Bintan Tri. Organised a recce ride in Bintan for my friends, Eliza, Little Firefly, Yuki and Babumouse. Met some other riders from Yellowfish swim class.

Did the whole cycling route, all 40km or so, except that we started at Wisma BRC instead of Nirwana Beach Club. Compared to the race at BLR previous years, this route seems more technical. There are lesser high slopes but more lower, steep slopes, especially at Ria Bintan.

After a drink break to hide from the extreme hot weather, Eliza, Babu and i did another ride to Nirwana and back, just to make the trip worth.

When i got home, i realised there was something wrong with my rear wheel. Hhmm.... an excuse for an upgrade??

Distance: 60km

Summary for the week of 21 - 27 Apr 08

Swim and ride.

Monday, 21 Apr: Re-started my swim lesson. SeaMonster commented that i can float and swim better now cos of my aero-haircut. Received bad news when i got to work. Days are numbered, i don't belong there anymore. Time to start thinking for myself.
Tuesday, 22 Apr: No training.
Wednesday, 23 Apr: L&T ride.
Thursday, 24 Apr: No training.
Friday, 25 Apr: L&T ride.
Saturday, 26 Apr: No training. Too bonked from the long ride.
Sunday, 27 Apr: Rest.

L & T rides

Have been doing lots of cycling now since Lala pulled me into L&T. Can't remember my last quality long run.

Did 2 middle distance rides this week:

23 Apr: 46km from home-L&T-ECP-Guillemard-Nicoll Highway-Shenton Way-pitstop at Keppel Railway Station-Robinson Rd-Nicoll Highway-Geylang Rd-Sim Avenue-Bedok-home.

25 Apr: 81km from home-TP-Paya Lebar-Airport Rd-Bartley Rd-Braddel Rd-Thomson Longhouse-Sembawang Rd-Mandai Rd-Woodlands Rd-Bukit Timah Rd-Dunearn Rd-pitstop at Newton Circus-Novena-Lavendar St-Kallang Rd-Guillemard Rd-Fort Rd-ECP-Xi Lin-L&T-home

Good thing: mileage covered.
Not very good thing: pit stops too many and too long. But i can't remember complaining about this during the stops.

Summary for week of 14 - 20 Apr 08

First event for the year!!

Monday, 14Apr: In Bintan, no training.
Tuesday, 15 Apr: In Jakarta for meeting on school.
Wednesday, 16 Apr: Still in Jakarta. Hotel had a good gym and pool. Didn't bring sports attire though.
Thursday, 17 Apr: Returned to SG too late for any training.
Friday, 18 Apr: No training.
Saturday, 19 Apr: Spent S$225 on a new 2XU tritop and tights from Kobe at Queensway. Still didn't understand why i decided to buy.
Sunday, 20 Apr: Singapore Sprint Series Biathlon.

Tribob Singapore Sprint Series Duathlon - 20 Apr 08

After a week of relatively no exercise, i finally did my first event for the year. Registered for the 3 Singapore Sprint Series event and the first was the Sprint Biathlon.

Left home circa 615am and took the train to Harbourfront before hopping into the monorail to Sentosa, the race site. There was a long queue for the timing chip and i finally got mine with about 20 mins for warm up before race starts.

Put on my newly acquired 2XU red tritop and tights, swim cap and googles, arranged the transition stuff consisting of NB735 Red, socks, 2XU visor and Adidas shades before joining Burnz at the beach for warm up. Met Sanjeev and Daniel Gan.

The race started and i tried crawling forward but the current kept pushing me to the swim ropes. Switched to froggy and reached the u-turn point realising that i was second last. The ladies wave started later and the faster swimmers were already overtaking me by the time i swam past the 600m mark. Finally completed the swim in 29:41mins.

Ran up to transition to probably consolation applause of the spectators before EsKimo told me to hurry up. Threw swim cap and googles on the floor and put on socks, NB735, visor and shades before running out for the 5km run. As usual, took a while before my legs felt like running. Caught sight of Sanjeev and levelled up with him before overtaking, only to stop at a toilet for pee-break.

Had to overtake Sanjeev again before finishing the run in 35:32mins, with an overall race time of 1:06hrs. First event done, hope this sets me up for more.

Swim: 750m
Run: 5km
Time: 1:06hrs
Shoe: NB735

Summary for week of 7 - 13 Apr 08

ICT week.

Monday, 7 Apr: First day of ICT.
Tuesday, 8 Apr: IPPT. Managed to do 5 chin ups... enough for a S$100 incentive.
Wednesday, 9 Apr: Had a terrible time at the range. Enough said.
Thursday, 10 Apr: Standby day. Expected to spend 2 hours max at the office, ended up staying till 8pm.
Friday, 11 Apr: Ops day. Classified.
Saturday, 12 Apr: Another standby day. Hospitality institute agreement signed. Milestone for me.
Sunday, 13 Apr: In Bintan to follow up on the agreement signed. Did a 40km ride from Tampines-Pasir Ris-Changi-Tanah Merah-Simpang Bedok-Tampines with Ed on her new Helios 500.

ICT Year 9 - NSKU AK04

Final year of ICT for me. Troop 2 shrunk to 13 troopers. Usual stuff, weapons training, IPPT, shooting. Did well for IPPT but can't say the same for shooting. Obviously something was wrong with the rifle when you have to zero it 7 times. The sight was still not straight and the trainers attributed it to fatique on my part. Anyhow, after 5 years of marksmanship, well... let's just say that i had to re-shoot... which i did pretty well.

Gonna miss the guys.

Summary for week of 31 Mar to 6 Apr 08

Monday, 31 Mar: No training. Ed was sick.
Tuesday, 1 Apr: No training. IPPT in a week time and i was so unfit.
Wednesday, 2 Apr: No training.
Thursday, 3 Apr: No training.
Friday, 4 Apr: Wanted to do a slow and short run at stadium so that i can be fresh for Saturday's sea swim at Sentosa with Stazla and gang but L & T ride was too tempting to resist. Thought ride was only for 60km but ended doing 99km instead. Route taken was Tampines Ave 9, Ave 10, Old Tampines Rd, Upper Serangoon Rod, Hougang Aves 2 and 6, Compassvale, Anchorvale, FernVale, Jalan Kayu, Seletar estate, Seletar Dam, Yishun, Admiralty, Woodlands, Upper Bukit Timah rd, Dunearn Rd, Lavender Street, Kallang Rd, Guillemard Rd, ECP, Coastal Rd, Loyang Way, Tampines. Too bonked out when reached home at 3am.
Saturday, 5 Apr: Got up too late to join Stazla swim session. Spent the day slacking in front of the TV and packing for ICT instead.
Sunday, 6 Apr: Slacked all day. No training.

Summary for week of 24 - 30 Mar 08

Monday, 24 Mar: No training
Tuesday, 25 Mar: No training.
Wednesday, 26 Mar: Short run + swim + run session.
Thursday, 27 Mar: No training
Friday, 28 Mar: No training, in Bintan.
Saturday, 29 Mar: No training
Sunday, 30 Mar: No training

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mini aquathlon on a Wednesday - 26 Mar 08

I told myself and a few of my friends that i will be laying off training this week. What a big liar i am. The truth is, while i was nursing my dry cough and fever, my feet and hands were itching for any kind of workout.
Got back to work on Wednesday and weather was fine though dark clouds were lingering when the clock struck 5pm. Changed into my running attire of Mizuno white vest and black shorts, John Doe tag on ankle and NB 735 blue on feet. I also had with me a towel, goggles, swim cap and trunks.
Left office and headed for the 1km route to Jalan Besar swimming pool. Paid the S$1 entrance fee and changed into swimming attire. Jumped into the pool and started front crawl routine.
It must have been the toughest 8 x 50m i have ever swam in my life. Yes, close to 2 months ago i could't even swim freestyle but i should have been more relaxed. Thigh started to feel crampy by the time i hit the wall for the 4th time. Couldn't get into breathing on every 3rd stroke routine and ended up taking in air by the right only after every 2 pulls. Relaxed a while and continued another 4 laps, all with rest in between.
With 15mins to go before the clock hits 6pm, i decided i have had enough. At least i could swim continuously over 50m for 4 laps. Changed into running attire again and slowly ran the 1km back to office building.
Ran: 2 x 1km
Swam: 8 x 50m

Retreat and re-strategise - Part 2

So i've laid out what i intend to do and what i don't. Now the difficult part; training.
I've been doing jumpstart training for sometime now. Jumpstart training means starting at a level that is not the lowest, after being away from the sport through injury, busy working schedule or like me, sheer lazyness.
I know that my threshold level for a run is between 27-35km, depending on how far back the last race was. In addition, at my peak, circa June-Sep 06, i trained 5 times a week, on running. So the jumpstart training that i have been doing since February, after having been slacking for about 2 months after SCSM 07, was forcing myself to run distances like 13-22km at one go and having 4-5 workout sessions a week, sometimes at levels and pace i have never ventured before. The results: i find myself feeling depressed, having slow muscle recovery and prone to sickness like flu and fever, eventhough i take Esther-C every night.
Having acknowledged that this method of training does not seemed to be working well, i have decided to go back to basics, which is a very difficult thing to do.
Talked to one of my running sifus, Taz who is actually doing the same thing while recovering from an injury of sorts, and he shared with me his training regime. Run short distances; 4km, 6km 9.89km etc at slow, moderate, tempo and fartlek paces, increase distance gradually, once i feel comfortable.
Good advice. I shall go read up for a training regime for my fitness level. May be a little dificult with all the races coming up, mainly in May. But it shall be done. Short distance runs, long distance cycling and practice and practice on forward crawl swimming.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Retreat and re-strategise - Part 1

Its late March and i have yet to compete in any event. Not in good shape to do so anyway. Took time off, thought about the events and made some decisions:
Not doing:
  • Kuala Lumpur International Marathon: Not many people knew i was going for this run. Have registered, reserved hotel room and bought bus tickets home. But surely not in any mental shape to attempt this. I have every confidence of finishing the run, but not hyped up to make my way up to KL for this. Choosing round the island ride instead of the SGRunners' Prata run last weekend was probably the clearest indication of where my priorities lie nowadays.
  • Sundown Ultramarathon: Probably registered for this event in a haste, peer pressure the main reason. No doubt i have the confidence to finish this run, all 84km of it, and as i write this, am still not too late to build up enough mileage and practice run to ensure i run with comfort on race day. Then again, just like KLIM, i am not over the moon with enthusiasm to attempt this. So i'll lose 50% of the registration fee, or i can just downgrade to the 42km run. No clear decisions on that yet. I just know that i have no interest to attempt the 84km run.
  • Singapore Ironman 70.3: Major disappointment. Kak J aka Harmoni pointed out that this event will be held on the 5 day of Ramadan. What a major screw up! How can they miss that fact out? Anyhow, guess i'll take it as S$335 saved instead.

Doing (I think so):

  • Tribob Singapore Sprint Series: All 3 events, for now. Biathlon in April, Duathlon in May and Triathlon in June
  • Bidor Half Marathon: Did this in 2006, event came early this year. Looking forward to the cold Red Bull at the finishing point, plus the sumptous food served while waiting for prize presentation.
  • A Farmosa Triathlon: Read about this in the Trifam forum. Heard so much about the swim in Milo water. Hope i will be able to make it for this!
  • Bintan Triathlon: Guess this is the event i have been basing my training upon. Home territory away from home. Did the run leg last year. Just need to tell myself that there is no pressure on me, no pressure.
  • OSIM Singapore Triathlon: Volunteered during the OD Race last year. The bike route seemed rather dangerous. Hope they make some changes this year!
  • Port Dickson Triathlon: Excellent event last year. Felt safe swimming. Must try the ayam percik at the pasar tani.
  • Tasik Kenyir Triathlon: Heard a lot about Tasik Kenyir, since my gung-ho days in SIM's ODAC. But the long travel will be a major minus point.
  • Desaru Long Distance Triathlon: Having decided to give up on SG 70.3, guess there is no way in heaven or hell i am not taking part in this. Will be good if i can drive there, giving more options when comes to meals.
  • Singapore Marathon: 3rd year attempting. Probably the only marathon i'll be doing this year.
  • MR25 Ultramarathon: Not really interested in doing, but need to keep in shape for the turn of the year.

Let's just hope there are no drastic changes to my life.

Summary for week of 17 - 23 Mar 08

  • Monday, 17 Mar: 16km run at dawn followed by swim lessons after work.
  • Tuesday, 18 Mar: Travel day.
  • Wednesday, 19 May: Heavy rain spoiled my plan for 13km run. No training. Watched Ed's badminton match. My babe won her doubles match with ease.
  • Thursday, 20 Mar: 120km round the island ride with L & T riders.
  • Friday, 21 Mar: Good Friday. Butt and thigh hurt big time from the long ride.
  • Saturday, 22 Mar: Went around Singapore for food feast. Started at Little India for thosai and battura for lunch, Tanglin Mall for the best soy latte, Changi Village for chicken soup and satay for dinner and Siglap for cheesecake supper.
  • Sunday, 23 Mar: Dreamt i was running 34km. No training, other than bringing Ed for a 10km test ride on her new Polygon Helios 500.

Round the Island Ride - 20 Mar 08

Lala had been bugging me to join him for rides. Finally there was one that i was available for, though it also meant i have to give up on SGRunners' Prata run, what would have been a better choice for the events that i have planned to participate in.
Anyhow, took leave from work that day and ensured that i had enough sleep. By 7pm, i was all geared up with Zoots Bike sleeveless jersey and Bike tights. Checked on Scott AFD and to my horror, the rear tyre was flat. Spent the next 10mins trying to solve the problem but the tyre just wouldn't inflate. Desperate situation calls for desperate measures, i decided to take a cab to the startpoint. So i grabbed Red Specialised helmet and put on Shimano TR-30 on the right foot and Asics Cumulus on the left.
This ride was facilitated by L & T Bike shop, somewhere at Tampines Street 44. Managed to get to startpoint just before 8. A large group had formed, in a mixture of roadies and MTB. I got the shop machanic to fix the rear wheel's problem for $7 and bought a new pair of gloves since i forgotten to bring one.
All set to go. Wan and Raja gave a briefing before i caught up with Alex Hong from Trifam with his uber cool Triton carbon bike. Before long, the ride started and I kept to the tail of the group.
The route will takes us from Tampines Street 44 - Loyang Rd - Changi Village - Coastal Rd - ECP - Fort Rd - Guillemard Rd - Nicoll Highway - Shenton Way - Keppel Rd - Telok Blangah Rd - Pasir panjang Rd - West Coast - Jurong West - Lim Chu Kang - Neo Tiew - Kranji - Mandai - Seletar - Sengkang - Hougang - Tampines, estimated to be 120km in total.
I was supposed to accompany Lala as sweeper but found him nowhere in sight by the time we left. I assumed the sweeper's role and accompanied a MTB from Loyang till we regrouped with the front pack at the entrance to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal Rd.
With Lala around, i joined the front pack, mainly made up of MTBs. We cruised our way through ECP and regrouped again at Fort Rd. Soon, the roadies caught up with us. From here, the next pit stop will be at Pasir Panjang Wholesale Market. We let the MTB proceed first and moved off after about 5mins. The roadies started slow but by the time we got to Nicoll Highway it was fast and furious time. My speedo recorded about 32-35km/h at this stretch.
As we left Keppel Rd, it was even faster, since there were no traffic. Speedo captured 37-39km/h at this stretch as i drafted behind, overtook, led and then drafted again behind fellow roadies. To my disappointment, there was no eatable read food served at the rest point so i had to settle for kaya toast and 3 cans of 100plus.
We moved off to the next Pit Stop, supposedly at Kranji Kopitiam. The group was spreadout pretty thinly and i was determined not to be among the last. As i passed Lala at Pandan Reservoir, i knew that i was not and after a couple of red lights, i caught up with the pack of MTBs and some roadies.
Lim Chu Kang Cemetary was the location for the next regroup point and as we waited for Lala the sweeper, i tested out Alex's Triton. Very responsive bike. Started to feel cramps creeping on right thigh so i did some stretching.
We then moved as a pack through Neo Tiew and stopped at Kranji Rd Kopi Tiam, where the other half of roadies seemed to have waited for sometime. Another dose of 100plus and a spray of deep heat later, i was ready to move off, until someone reminded me that i have forgotten to put on my helmet. Realised that i left it outside the toilet, the group left and i was among the last by the time i move off.
A couple of traffic light stops and the group got stretched even more thinly. As i entered Mandai Rd, i braced myself for the long upslope climb. I was probably down to my lightest gear and concentrated on continuously cycling my way up the slope. A lady MTB drafted behind and we finally got to the top of the slope after the entrance to Singapore Zoo.
A few riders were ahead and we motioned to ride as a pack as we caught up with them. At the junction of Seletar Rd, a police car attended to a road traffic accident involving 2 badly damaged cars. We proceeded on and rode across Lentor Ave to make our way to Yishum/Seletar Dam.
Looked like most of the riders were waiting for us as we arrived at the Dam. The place seemed to be a hangout for many bengs and mats racers. The police were there too. Raja mentioned that we have 10km to go to surpass 100km. My butt hurts.
We left via the road surrounding Seletar Airport and passed by Jalan Kayu. I would loved to have a plate of 2 prata kosong but wanted to finish the ride. We went through Fernvale, then Anchorvale and Compassvale before i led the group to Tampines Rd via my old playground at Hougang.
We regrouped for the last time at Tampines Rd and as soon as the group got bigger, we left for Tampines. I cycled-standing for most of the route by then, butt was sore real bad. Finally got to Tampines and i was contemplating on heading straight home but the promise of prata was too much to give up. Reached end point just before 4am.
The kopi shop ran out of prata but it was an enjoyable ride nonetheless. 120km in total, an increase of 30km from my last max of 90km at Desaru LD Tri.
Distance: 120km

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Swim lesson - 17 Mar 08

Venue changed to Delta pool. Very old complex. Toilet was dirty. Training pool was shallow, at 0.8m. I was tired!! No sleep, 22km run in the morning and now swim lessons at night.
Anyhow, did the usual kicking with board warmup before doing catch-up with board swim for a few laps. Revised the catch-up thumps together front crawl swimming before proceeding to normal front crawl swim. Think i found my relaxed position in thumps together front crawl as i had a very hard time swimming normal front crawl after that. Butt and legs kept on sinking. The shallower pool made me very cautious of not kicking the floor. I also had difficulty rolling over on my right (breathing left) and drank lots and lots of chlorine water (can tell by the size of my tummy after the lesson).
Coach pulled me over and said, "I got to be honest with you. I think you will take a longer time to get your swim right. You can tell for yourself. Just make sure you remain patient. There are others like you who gave up, but there are also those that completed ironman races". Think i will take that as a motivation and challenge, not a discouragement. Thanks Coach.
Batteries went flat after an hour and my shoulders were sore. Legs felt light, probably the after effects of the morning run setting in. Not a good session for me. I've seen better days.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday Run at Dawn - 17 Mar 08

Got back from Shah Alam at 445am and headed to office as the drop off point was at Golden Mile. Ed decided to head to her parents place and i didn't want to go all the way home when i'm right in front of the office. Entered office and made my presence felt to Linda, not the first time i appeared at office in the wee hours of the morning.
Knowing that i will not be able to sleep, i changed into Adidas white tee, black shorts, NB 735 Blue, USK on race belt, white Nike cap, Zen in hand and headed out for a run. Run started at 530am. Plan was to do a return of the 26km abandoned on Friday due to the rain and time constraint.
Started rather fast this time around. Reached Esplanade for first pit stop and continued on towards Kim Seng. Felt pace was too fast so i slowed down, to save my legs for distance ahead. Stopped at Clarke Quay for the second pit stop but by then i already felt tired. Guess the intermitent sleep on the bus didn't go too well with a morning run. I should be getting some sleep instead.
Nevertheless, i continued on, going up the Esplanade bridge and turning left towards Marina South at Maxwell Rd. Time was already 7am then so i decided against doing the long route and headed straight for the pier instead. Pit stop 3 was at the pier. Didn't bring powergel and the shops were closed so i settled for tap water.
Slowly made my way back to Raffles Place, cutting into the new road that leads to Lao Pa Sat instead of using Maxwell Rd. Last pit stop was at Esplanade, but i was dead tired by then. Walked-jogged the rest of the way back to the end point at Crawford Street.
Distance covered was 22.4km, according to Mapmyrun.com.
Shoe: NB 745 Blue
Feelings: Tired. Probably a very bad idea to do this run but i needed the mileage. Legs felt like jelly.

Summary for week of 10 - 16 Mar 08

Sick and travel.

  • Monday, 10 Mar: Swim session.
  • Tuesday, 11 Mar: ENR cancelled due to rain.
  • Wednesday, 12 Mar: No training. Had high fever at night.
  • Thursday, 13 Mar: On MC, Doc gave me some tablets for flu and fever and syrup for cough.
  • Friday, 14 Mar: Still down with flu and cough, fever's gone. 16.8km run after work.
  • Saturday, 15 Mar: Has' wedding at Shah Alam.
  • Sunday, 16 Mar: Still at Shah Alam. Took the night bus back to Singapore.

A wedding in Shah Alam - 15 and 16 Mar 08

Decided to go for this as i will not be able to make it for the celebrations in Singapore come end of March. So Ed, Has' bro Sab and I took the late Friday night bus and headed to Shah Alam. The only thing i knew about Shah Alam prior to this trip was the Stadium that looked like Huddersfield Football Club's stadium. I also knew that Shah Alam has the biggest mosque in Malaysia and a velodrome.
So after close to 8 hours on the bus, including 2hours at Tuas checkpoint thanks to tri_mas, we finally reached Shah Alam bus terminal at Section 17. Took a cab to Quality Hotel and rested until lunch with Stan.
Fast forward to evening. I contributed my 2 cents worth of thinking into the planning for this wedding, all because i don't like the idea of travelling all the way there just to be a free-riding guest. Therefore, my job was to remind Has and Sab, all the small little things about the ceremony, things that people tends to forget; like arrangement of transport, copies of prayers etc.
We left the hotel just after 7 and headed to a surau near the bride's place. After Maghrib, we slowly walked to the house, with gifts in hand. The kadi arrived soon after and relatives were all excited. A microphone was placed where Has was supposed to be seated. Don't remember that being around for me. Anyhow, everything went well, groom looked calm and oath was clear.
Everything else was just like any other typical Malay wedding. A little variation from the ones in Singapore here and there but everything else was similar.
Next day, Sunday, was the "sanding" day. This is where the groom appears at the bride's place to take her back to his. I checked to ensure that Sab had the toll money (commonly used to gain passage to the stage, where the bride normally wait at). No toll was present however, probably because the bride waited and joined the groom outside the ceremony, another variation from that in Singapore. As the ceremony went into full flow, Ed and i sat around watching, making funny faces at Has everytime he looked at our direction.
Good experience this trip. The thing that impressed me most about the event, was the camaraderie of the neighbours. The bride's place was a semi-detached house, and the recemony area was on the road in front of the house. This meant that the road needed to be closed. Stations for other essentials like drinks counter, dishes washing area, music booth were also set up in the neighbours' varandah. Honestly, no way will you get that in Singapore, no way at all.
Ed and i took the late night bus back to Singapore, as neither of us took leave from work on Monday.
Congrats to Has and Yati!!

Friday Evening Run - 14 Mar 08

Taking the night bus up to Shah Alam for Has' wedding so i thought a little run will help me sleep. Right on 6pm, i left office, wearing white Adidas tee, black shorts, USK in my newly acquired Nathan's bottle pouch, 2 packs of powergel, a bottle of Ultraman's recipe diluted 100plus, Creative Zen, white Nike cap and NB 735 blue. Started the run right on junction of Beach Rd and Jalan Sultan. Planned for a 26km in 3hrs, rather daunting, via the same ol' Crawford - Kim Seng but with Marina South Pier sandwiched in between.
My last run was a while ago so i decided to take this slow. Took a while before my legs warmed up and by then it was time for pit-stop 1 at Esplanade. Continued towards Kim Seng, by the river, passing by Clarke Quay, Robertson Quay and finally u-turning at Kim Seng. Choosed to go Kim Seng first as the Quays may be crowded as the moon rises and due to the weather too.
Felt a slight discomfort at Robertson Quay but slowly jogged to Esplanade, stopping by Clarke Quay toilet for pit-stop 2. Had my first pack of Powergel before continuing on. Got to Esplanade and the clouds seemed heavy. Decided to continue but turn back as soon as i feel the first drop of rain. Indeed, the sky opened up, lightly, when i reached Maxwell Rd. No Marina South today so i turned back and was contemplating on taking a bus to office when the rain got heavier. Thankfully, no need for EZLink card as the sky started to clear when i reached Raffles Place.
Thought about continuing to Marina South but ran back to Crawford as time was already 8pm. Meeting Ed and Has' brother at 945pm but i will also need to shower first. Had to slow down everytime i feel cramps creeping in on left calf.
Distance: 16.8km (according to MapmyRun.com)
Shoe: NB 735 Blue
Feelings: Good to have completed the run and distance. A little worried about the cramps on left calf, never had that before.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Man down

Have not been feeling too good for a while now. Last Monday after swim class, i was really hurting. Sore muscles, fever, flu and cough. Thought i could fight it off with vitamin C and cough syrup but guess i lost that fight.
After 10 days of trying, i gave up. Took piriton for the flu. Adding that to the cough syrup, vitamin C, glucosamine and anti-histamines i have been taking regularly, and i can probably start my own pharmacy.
What went wrong? Did i over-exerted myself? Going to the doc tomorrow. Hope i can sleep tonite.

Raining cats, dogs, elephants and buffalos

As the saying goes, when it rains, it pours. Rainy season started rather late this year. It has been raining cats, dog and everything that comes in between for the last 2 weeks, disrupting my training schedule.
Tuesday, 11 Mar
Was contemplating between CBD Run, yoga with the BRF gang, ENR ride or a ninja run after sending my bike to Rodalink for servicing. After much ding-dongs here and there, which i can't seem to recall much about, i decided to go with ENR.
Sky started to clear by 6pm at Beach Rd but someone posted in the Trifam forum that there was a storm at Tampines. So ride was off. No training again. Should have just gone for the Yoga.
Wednesday, 12 Mar
Took pm off. Initial plan was to get home, and bring the bike out to Rodalink, collect Ed's new Helios 500 and go for a practice ride at ECP. SKy disagreed so we collected the bike, took a taxi home and watched CSI and WWE Raw on tv instead.
Badly in need of training now, but feeling very much under the weather.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Swim lessons: 10 Mar 08

Crawling forward with every pull

Good session today, though it ended rather weirdly. Got to Bishan pool at 7. It was raining cats and dogs so i guessed the water will be uber cold, and cold it was indeed.

Did the normal warm-up, then refresher of the pull and recovery with kickboard before staring on the thumbs together forward crawl. Managed to do full laps, though my legs were swaying from side to side on every pull. Breathing wasn't relaxed. Hell, i wasn't relaxed at all. More of struggling i must say.

Graduated to side strokes after that and i felt weird, even groggy. As if i'm suffering from motion sickness. Motion sickness!! Me??

Anyway, guess i need to do homework on the forward crawl and side strokes, with 2 months to go to Bintan Tri.

Summary for period of 3 - 9 Mar 07

Monday, 3 Mar: Swim lessons
Tuesday, 4 Mar: Strained triceps, shoulders and back. Rest day.
Wednesday, 5 Mar: Travel day. Down with flu and cough. Physio Jai did his stuff, commenting that i seemed bigger now. Got a shock when i weighed myself at Coach Suhaimi's room; 10kg above my ideal weight. HHmm... good? bad? ugly?
Thursday, 6 Mar: Travel day again. Still suffering from flu and cough. Had a craving for Chillis.. the mexican kind... so got home, toasted then pounded some cumin, browned some minced beef, threw in onions, garlic, tomatoes and paste, roasted some potatoes and toasted bread for a nice dinner.
Friday, 7 Mar: Travelled again. Had a nice facial treatment before meeting IAS for boys-nite-out dinner.
Saturday, 8 Mar: Dreamt that i was riding at Coastal Rd. No training, still coughing. Went to Rodalink, Ed bought a Helios 500. This 10-speed bike is fitted with Shimano 105s. Guessed her bike will be better than mine? Nah.. its not the machine that matters, its the engine. Continued our shopping spree at Sim Lim. Got her a PSP for her birthday. Bad move? Verdict to be out in 2 months....
Sunday, 9 Mar: Dreamt that i was striding along ECP, waving at fellow runners coming from opposite direction, stopping at NSRCC for the sunrise. No training, still coughing. Ed's birthday, so had a family dinner, her family, after watering plants at my dad's place. About the dinner...?? Nevermind.... need some getting used to... all of us that is. Managed to end the night with a surprise for Ed. How can a birthday be a birthday without a birthday cake? That's actually just my excuse to eat a cake. The surprise...... nah.... not sharing my ideas.

Swim lessons: 3 Mar 08

The day i crawled forward

Took am off and after running a few errands, got to Bishan stadium. With close to 2 hours to go before lessons begins, i did some swim of my own. Breaststroke swim. 20 laps, with rest after every lap.

Distance: 20 x 50m

Continued to swim lesson by warming up with the chin-on-water, hands-on-kickboard, kick-till-you-tire routine for 6 laps. Coach told me to continue with pull-and-recover with kickboard. I was starting to get real frustrated but remembering Coach's words [it is harder when using kickboard, but when you are ready i will take it away, and you'll swim very fast], i persevered on.

Indeed, a short while after, Coach took my kickboard and told me to swim without it, breathing after every 3 pulls [means breathing from one side then the other], thump together before every pull. I recovered my enthusiasm, and perhaps must have overdid it, as i felt strain of my triceps. Could the breaststroke swim have played a part in that?

Lessons ended with me on a high. But my kicking still sucked.

Summary for the period 25 Feb - 2 Mar

Monday, 25 Feb: Swim lessons
Tuesday, 26 Feb: CBD Run
Wednesday, 27 Feb: Vertical marathon training.
Thursday, 28 Feb: No training.
Friday, 29 Feb: No training.
Saturday, 1 Mar: On duty at NATAS Fair.
Sunday, 2 Mar: Got up late for National Vertical Marathon, hence missed it. I didn't feel like going anyway.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Slacking or resting??

Been doing jumpstart training for a few weeks now. I must say that i'm starting to feel a wee bit strained. Erratic behaviour, mood swings, sore muscles..... what am i training for? I dunno.....

28 Feb 08
Didn't swim today, though i got back early after work. Missed the days when i would just spend hours after hours watching TV, without a care, except for next programme on show. I tried that but even with cable TV, what good programmes can possibly be shown at 7pm?

29 Feb 08
Rest day. Had a craving for cheese on toast, good goat's cheese i mean. *slurp*

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Vertical Marathon Training - 27 Feb 08

Stress at work taking its toll and National Vertical Marathon is just around the corner. So i decided to forgo my by-now weekly Crawford-Kim Seng 13km loop run for some anti-gravity workout.
Meeting with GA ate into 5pm but thankfully it ended by 510pm. Rushed to my workstation and changed into SCSM07 vest and Adidas black shorts, USK and NB735 Blue. Did a short run to one of the 30 storey flats along Victoria Street, opposite ICA Building.
Did 2 sets of 30 storeys and managed to wrap everything up, which include a short run back to office, before 6pm.
Shoe: NB 735 Blue
Distance: 2 sets of 30 storeys

CBD Run: Set E - 26 Feb 08

Set E is Mount Faber loops, dreadful but appetising.
Left office at 6pm and was the first few to reach startpoint. Spotted dark, heavy clouds in the sky and was in two minds about running. Nevertheless, put on NB 735 Blue and USK, having already changed to Mizuno Orange and black shorts at the office.
Soon, more runners arrived and we set off running by 7. The route was Tanjung Pagar Rd - Spottiswoode Park - Kampong Baru Rd - Mt Faber - Kampong Baru Rd - Spottiswoode Park - Tanjung Pagar. I started at the back of the pack and remained there for most of the route.
We passed by the shophouses at Everton Park on the way to Kampong Baru and saw a filming taking place. I wasn't tired yet, just that my legs and arms were sore from Monday's swim lessons. Used ST as my pacer, the girl has improved so much since the first time i ran with her.
Laserrunner was fast, and was ahead of me by the time we climbed up Mount Faber. The slope was very steep and i had difficulty slowing down my breathing. That has been a problem since i picked up Triathlon. Maybe i should do yoga again.
Got to the top of Mount Faber and went down towards Wishart Rd, seeing some cyclists along the way. Halfway down, i turned left and made my way up to the top again, with ST following close behind, and Laserrunner just ahead. Reaching the top, i felt something going into my eyes and stopped to clear. That was when i lost sight of Laserrunner. Tigger was around, asking if i want to do an extra loop, Laserrunner is just ahead. The rest of the group will be going back to startpoint.
I decided to do the extra loop, and slowly made my way down and up again. No sign of Laserrunner but Terrance and Batx caught up after completing their 3 loops. I ran down the hill with Batx but he sped off once we reached Kampong Baru. So i was left running all alone, back to the startpoint.
Didn't have my Polar with me so i had to ask for time from a passerby, just outside the Railway station. He told me it was 2040hrs. I'm sure the rest must have arrived at the end point, so i did a fast one all the way back.
Felt good, excellent route, the slopes were steep but thats probably the kind of route i should be doing.
Shoe: NB 735 Blue
Distance: 15km

Swim lessons - 25 Feb 08

Monday meant swim lessons. Did the usual kicking with board as warm-ups. The difference between this lessons and others is that i can move forward, finally... though not when my head is above water.. but encouraging nonetheless.
I must have done over-water recovery for 30 laps or so, and my arms were really sore. Over-enthusiastic kicking meant my legs were tired too.
Good session... though i felt my batteries going flat after an hour. Need to spend more time in the water.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Summary for period of 18-24 Feb 08

Week 2 of jumpstart training:
Monday, 18 Feb: Swim training.
Tuesday, 19 Feb: CBD Run.
Wednesday, 20 Feb: Wednesday run.
Thursday, 21 Feb: Slight flu, no training.
Friday, 22 Feb: Slow LD Swim.
Saturday, 23 Feb: Totally forgot about the Sundown Fam Run. Lepak at home instead.
Sunday, 24 Feb: Another lepak day. Watched a very touching show in "Just like Heaven". Lovely.
Good training week, though could have been better. Need to keep my enthusiasm, and sometimes the lack of it, in check.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Swim session - 22 Feb 08

Took AM off just so that i can do some swim.
As usual, got up at 4am, stared at the ceiling until i decide to get up at 630am. Contemplated between swimming and biking and choosed the former. Got to the pool at 745am and did some stretching. Lifeguards on duty told me that only the deep pool is open, while the rest will have to wait till 8am.
Did a 4 x 50m warm up, using breaststroke. Moved to the 1.5m pool to revise pull and recovery with board routine as instructed by Coach AT. Didn't get the best results and decided to give up after 15mins. Sat for a while, thought about going home. I still can't kick forward.... should i give up. LSP pointed out to numbskull me on Thursday that i have only been to 5 lessons and had never swam free-style/forward crawl prior to that. That thought kept me going.
I stopped practising the routine though and did laps of breaststroke instead. The deep pool reminded me of CTE Potong Pasir at peak hour, congested with ah sohs and makciks doing their version of aquarobics on one side while a group of students monkeyed around on the other.
After 3 laps, i spotted a white space at the centre lane and staked my claim. Slowly did a 27 x 50m to add to the 3 i did earlier. Had to stop at end of every lap as the goggles fogged up. An older swimmer with belly the size of an elephant swam slowly beside me. Admired his determination though. Managed to wrap everything up by 9am.
Good session but Coach AT won't be too pleased if i don't show any improvements on Monday.
- 4 x 50m
- 30 x 50m

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wednesday's Run - 20 Feb 08

Did a 13km run at same ol' Crawford Street-Kim Seng-Crawford Street route again. Left office at 5pm after changing into my SCSM 07 Adidas blue vest and black Adidas shorts, putting on USK, plastered nipples and NB 735 Blue with Creative Zen MP3 in hand.
Did a light jog to the startpoint and started the run circa 1707hrs. Got to Marina Promenade and ran past the Singapore Flyer, Floating platform's grandstand before a toilet break at Esplanade. Then i continued on, passing by Empress Place, Clarke Quay, Robertson Walk, opposite Zouk before u-turning at Kim Seng Rd.
Took the same way back but a toilet break at Clarke Quay instead. Managed to return to startpoint at 1842hrs, meaning a 1:35hrs run. Certainly not race pace but the time is 5mins off last week's.
Felt good but tired throughout, probably due to yesterday's fast and furious CBD Run and my lack of sleep. Talking about sleep, i hope I'm not developing a wake-up-at-3am habit although waking up at 3am on Thursday morning will be good, so that i can watch Man Utd play Lyon.
Distance: 13km
Time: 1:35hrs
Shoe: NB 735 Blue.

CBD Run - 19 Feb 08

Was expecting to do 13km, but ended up with just 7km.
Left office at 6pm after putting on my Mizuno Blue vest and shorts. Got to Tg Pagar and found that i was the first to arrive. More runners appeared soon after, including Yeehua, ST, stevebp and IMD. ST informed that Tiwazz was down with fever so will not be coming down, meaning no baggage security services since Coach Tigger is still overseas after running the weekend Tokyo marathon.
Ronnie came by and we discussed about the run. Stevebp volunteered to keep the bags company while IMD suggested doing a short 7km run to Marina Pier and back, so that stevebp doesn't have to wait long. I put on my newly acquired NB735 Blue and USK.
Off we went, first at a steady pace and then faster. Before long, we arrived at Marina Pier. I took a pee-break before continuing the run with ST, at what was supposed to be a slow run. Probably i was the guilty party, our speed seemed to increase with every step, and we ended the run with a semi-sprint.
Good run, short but fast.
Distance: 7km
Shoe: NB 735 Blue

Swim lesson - 18 Feb 08

4th lesson and i still couldn't kick forward. Rather depressing. Coach AT probably realised and pulled me aside for a pep talk, during and after lesson.
I would liken this to the 30km stage of a marathon, where you seriously ask yourself if you have what it takes to complete the race, without knowing what the last 12km have in store for you.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Inspiration.... leading to depression??

I saw 2 things that inspired me. Unfortunately these two things led me to a reflection, which could possible contribute to me feeling a little down these few days.

Observation 1:
During the 2.4km IPPT Training, AM told me about the le tour de langkawi telecast on tv. I have never found joy watching cycling races on tv but decided to give this a chance. What i saw truely inspired me. The race was from Temerloh in Pahang to Fraser's Hill. Just a few weeks a go i had a hard time driving up that hill. And the bikers seems to ease their way up, rather effortlessly. Which led me to think: What kind of training is required for a rider to do that? Should the triathlon or duathlon races be that slopy or hilly, what will be required of me to make my way to the finish line? Can i do that? Right now, no way? Not even close.....
Observation 2:
Got to Bishan pool early on Monday. None of my classmates were around so i decided to take a dip in the pool, watching some small kids swim. There was this one kid, swimming very close to me. He effortlessly glided his way in water, and breaststroked in a way i've never seen before. There was i, been swimming breaststroke for a long time, very badly i must add, but effectively nonetheless. And i see this kid swimming, i feel inspired, even tried his strokes, and realised that, even will all the survival test i've been put through, the sprint multi-sport races i've completed, i've been a crappy swimmer all these time.

Summary for the period 10-17 Feb 08

Easing my way back to fitness:
Sunday, 10 Feb 08: BG Run.
Monday, 11 Feb 08: Swim class.
Tuesday, 12 Feb 08: CBD Run.
Wednesday, 13 Feb 08: Wed 5pm run.
Thursday, 14 Feb 08: Swim.
Friday, 15 Feb 08: No training.
Saturday, 16 Feb 08: East West East Ride.
Sunday, 17 Feb 08: 2.4km IPPT Training with AK04.

Training for IPPT 2.4km - 17 Feb 08

Throughout my entire National Service years, be it full time or reservist, i have never put in any training for 2.4km. Since the ICT i have been called up for coming April will be my last, i decided to start a training session, inviting my fellow troopers from AK4.
Only AM, OC Troop, appeared on the first day of training, where i planned to do a warm up 2.4km followed by a warm down 2.4km, just to instill confidence and get rid of distance barrier some troopers may have. However, AM has no such problem. I clearly remembered him overtaking me during the last lap of last year's IPPT 2.4km test, finishing 10sec ahead of me, though i still insist the overtaking was possible as my path was blocked by another runner.
Anyhow, another SGT, SGT Y overslept and did not appear, so it was just AM and me. We started off, as per schedule, a slow 2.4km and followed that up with an even slower closing 2.4km.
I didn't feel any problems, no pain of the ankles, no feeling of stopping or giving up. Next week will be, hopefully, a 2.4km warming up, followed by 6 sets of 200m sprint and 200m jog intervals, ending with a slow 2.4km warming down.
Distance: 2 x 2.4km
Shoe: Asics Cumulus

East - West - East Ride - 16 Feb 08

Have not been putting effort for cycling, compared to running and swimming. So i got up early on Saturday, if you would call 6am early. Changed into my newly acquired Zoot cycle-singlet, cycle-tights and wore Shimano Tri-bike shoes on the right leg and Asics Cumulus on the left.
Left house just before 7am. Took Tampines Avenue 5 towards Tanah Merah Road via Xi Lin Avenue and ended up just before Coastal Rd. Was in two minds about doing a lap at Coastal but i decided to stick to the original plan of heading towards Rifle Range Rd.
Cycled to Fort Rd via ECP, adhering to the 15km/hr speed limit. I pick up speed as i entered Guillemard Rd and turned into Nicoll Highway, crossing Esplanade Bridge before having to stop due to a red light just outside One Fullerton. A historical thing happened here; for the first time since i acquired the bike from Jason, i fell. Not sure what i tried to do but somehow the centre of gravity veered towards my right, where my right foot was clipped to the pedals via the Shimano bike shoes. So i fell. I immediately got up, more embarrased and angry than hurt, mount the bike again and moved off as the lights had turned green.
I felt a slight pain on my right knee and looked down and saw blood. Managed to strugged off the pain and continued the ride, passing by Shenton Way, Keppel Road, Telok Blangah Road, Pasir Panjang Road, West Coast Road before turning into Clementi Road, weaving my way through heavy vehicles. The route has been flat throughout but at Clementi Rd, i experienced the first of many slopes. Tortoised my way uphill and used the momentum to bring me downhill, crossing AYE before another slope slowed me down. I then crossed Commonwealth Rd, continued on Clementi Rd before turning right into Holland Road. Another slope was waiting and i tortoised my way up again, turning left down into 6th Avenue for a pit stop at Coffee Bean.
Saw some more pro-looking bikers with cool looking bikes, i was salivating. After a long rest, i told myself not to return via the same way. If the East West route were filled with heavy vehicles, the route i was about to take for the return will be filled with heavy traffic, vehicles of all sizes, shapes and make.
Started at Dunearn Rd, i rode slowly down towards Little India before turning left into Race Course Road. I then entered Kitchener Road before weaving through traffic and ended up at Victoria Street. I passed by Kallang Road, entering Geylang Road, Sims Avenue before taking a pit stop at Boon Supplies, aka Soon Huat bike shop.
Got the abang machanic to loosen the platform pedals so that i can fixed the other side of Shimano Ultegra pedals. After a short break, i proceed back home, attacking the slope where Kembangan meets Chai Chee, turning into Chai Chee and headed for Tampines via Bedok Reservoir Rd. As speedo were showing 62km, i did a loop near Tampines Fire Station before completing 70km just under my block.
Good ride, though would have loved company. Next ride, to go North and return via West-East.
Distance: 70km

Swim - 14 Feb 08

While learning forward crawl, i felt that i needed to keep in touch with breaststroke so i did a short swim after work.
Arrived at Tampines pool just before 8pm. Changed into Arena trunks and dived into the deep pool. Managed to do 10 sets of 100m, with a short rest in between every sets. Realised that i took less than 40mins to complete, down 15mins from the same distance i did early in the year, and 10mins from the swim session i did a week ago.
Distance: 10 by 100m

Wednesday run - 13 Feb 08

Been a while since i did a Wednesday run from office and even longer while since i ran on 2 consecutive days. So Wednesday came by and i took the 5pm workout priviledge for a short 13km run.
Changed into my Orange Mizuno vest and black shorts just before 5pm. Put on TNF Arnuva Boa 50 and USK before heading out of office. After a light stretch of the muscles, did a slow jog towards the startpoint at Crawford Street.
Construction of paddock for the F1 race meant a diversion for me. I took the SCSM 39-42km route, running along Temasek Boulevard before turning in just before Esplanade. A toilet stop later and i continued my run past the River Hongbao, Empress Place, Clarke Quay, Robertson Quay, opposite Zouk before a u-turn at Kim Seng Road.
Took the same route back but felt tightness and sore of the right thigh. I managed to pull myself together and finish the run just under 1:40hrs.
Distance: 13km
Shoe: TNF Aruva Boa 50.

CBD Run - Pre Valentine's Day

I remembered last year's Pre-Valentine's Day CBD Run, good short run, games and lots of food. No different this year. Left office just after 6pm. Reached the startpoint and put on TNF Boa 50 and USK, having already changed into my Mizuno Blue vest and shorts at the office. Lots of SGRunners were already at scene, including Tigger, who gave a briefing on the route before starting the run.
We ran down Shenton Way towards Esplanade and then turned under the Esplanade bridge towards Clarke Quay, Robertson Quay along the Singapore River before a pit stop just opposite Zouk. It was then a slow run back via Jiak Kim St, Outram Rd, Cantonment Rd, Tanjung Pagar Rd towards the end point.
My legs were still aching from the BG Run and Alex's swim class on Monday. Nevertheless, it was a joy seeing and running with my fellow SGRunners. Tiwazz came by the start/end point with food, while Sotong led some quiz concerning Valentine's Day. ST and Roonz came out with some lovely Valentine's Day runner's medals. Thank you Sgrunners!!
Distance: 7km
Shoe: TNF Boa 50

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Botanical Garden Run - 10 Feb 08

It has been a long while since i did the BG Run. It was one of the first few i did when i first joined SGRunners back in 2006.
Anyway, on run day i got up at 0530hrs, showered, applied Neat Cream at abrasion prone areas, plastered nipples, put on Adidas Orange Tee, black shorts and left the house. Took bus 67 for the long journey to Bukit Timah, old SMU.
Arrived at startpoint just before 7am, where SGRunners' Ripley, Tiwazz, Charlotte, Eliza and Ultraman were already waiting. Put on my Boa 50 and USK while waiting for Brokie and SV to appear.
Appear they did and we eventually started the run just before 715am. We headed towards Holland Road, slowly climbing the upward slope of Evans Rd. Turning right, we turned right again to a side road which led us to many, many big houses. Eventually we came out to Farrer Rd and turned right towards Serene Centre. We then crossed the road towards National JC and entered a road where there were many big houses and steep slopes. I felt comfortable climbing up the slopes but the lack of training showed in the way i pant.
We appeared outside NUSS and crossed the overhead bridge, continuing our run towards University Drive and ending the run at the startpoint.
Good run, lots of slopes. Good way to heat up the legs after months of inactivity.
Distance: 10km
Shoe: TNF Boa 50

Summary for the period 4 - 9 Feb

Easing my way back to fitness.
4 Feb: swim training with Coach Alex Tung.
5 Feb: Rushed to ECP F2 to join Trifam's ENR's ride but ride got cancelled when i arrived. Showers over PA half of ECP. After a drink at Lagoon's food centre, left for a slow ride to Changi Village via Coastal Rd. Road was all dried, no sign of rain. Distance covered: 20km.
6-7 Feb: Chinese New Year Eve and Day, most places closed, including stadium and pool. No training.
8 Feb: Dragged Ed and myself out of bed at 7am for a walk to Bedok Reservoir and back. Distance covered about 7km. Surprised to find swimming pool opened. Did a revision of what was taught at Alex's lessons and then did 20laps of breaststroke without rest.
9 Feb: No training.
Good re-start.

Summary for period of 19 Jan - 3 Feb

Life after marriage. Wedding, honeymoon and settling down before starting training again.

19-20 Jan: Solemnisation and wedding reception.
21-22 Jan: Cleared outstanding bills from wedding.
23-28 Jan: Honeymoon. Stucked in traffice at Johor Causeway checkpoint, so had to miss Alex's lesson.
29 Jan - 3 Feb: No training. Adapting back to working life.

Wedding and Marriage - 19 and 20 Jan 08

After 10 years of courtship, we finally got married. Check-out this website for more info: http://mywedding.com/edianandraihan . Pictures will be uploaded soon.

Summary for period of 1 - 18 Jan 08

Final preparations for wedding, managed to squeeze some work-out.

1 - 5 Jan: No training.
6 Jan: did a 6km run round the neighbourhood.
7 Jan: Got home early so did 20 laps at Tampines pool, with rest.
8 Jan: CBD Run. SGRunners CBD wing organised a Wedding run for IMD and Yeehua, Ed and me. Ed couldn't make unfortunately.
9-13 Jan: No training.
14 Jan: Started swim training with the legendary Alex Tung. Hope i can swim forward crawl before May comes.
15-18 Jan: Busy with wedding preparations, no training.