Monday, January 29, 2007

New Gadgets on the block

Thinking about the KL Marathon in March and knowing that there will not be the heavenly SGRunners 30km support table at that race, I knew that i will have to carry everything i need with me, right from the start. Based on experience from Stanchart Singapore Marathon last year, i figured i will need about 5 packs of powergels and probably a pack of deep heat rub. I do not want to rely on the organisers for these 2 essentials as i knew that these things may run out by the time i need them.

So i have been actively searching for anything that i can place these items in, and be comfortable running. A trip to RunningLab at Velocity last evening and i think i may have found the solution.

Cosmic was on duty when i stepped into the shop. I immediately saw what i was looking for. Near the entrance of the shop, a number of Nathan pouches were hung. Some could hold water bottles while others looked like waist wallets. Though tempted to get the water bottle pouches, i zoomed in on the waist wallet kind, knowing that if i want to carry water i can just use my under-utilised Nathan hydration belt.

The waist wallet comes in 2 sizes. I tried the smaller one, even putting some packs of powergels in them. Feeling that the smaller one could carry only about 3-4 packs of gel, i made up my mind and bought the bigger wallet.

I have been suffering from sore fore-feet after every run, ever since i went for my first 30km training run for SCSM last October. Tried getting shoes with maximum cushioning but couldn't solve the problem. I spotted what looked like cushioning gel which is to be placed under the forefeet area, and decided to get a pair to test. Actually, i have seen the gel just before SCSM, but didn't get around to buy one. My plan is to try it on my NB1060 during CBD run come Tuesday.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Summary for week of 21-27 Jan 07

Another race conquered.
  • Sunday, 21 Jan: GE Pacesetters 30km in KL.
  • Monday, 22 Jan: No runs, couldn't even walk properly.
  • Tuesday, 23 Jan: CBD Run, 7km.
  • Wednesday, 24 Jan: No runs.
  • Thursday, 25 Jan: No runs. Didn't plan to anyway.
  • Friday, 26 Jan: No runs.
  • Saturday, 27 Jan: Planned for a 32km run, in preparation for KLIM. Remained a plan as i got up from sleep at 10am. How ambitious!!

Need to start intensive training if i want to do well in KLIM. Problem is, just couldn't find anyone to train with.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Musical chairs

Immediately after the last paper of my final undergrad year, i started work. It was a temp job, doing accounts and finance. A month after graduation, the HR manager of that company informed me about a soon-to-be vacant position within the company, and suggested i apply for it. The position was "Executive, Corporate and Community Development". Not wanting to be unemployed for long, i applied for the job, without any idea what it was all about. An interview and some negotiations later, i got the job and the rest is history.

That was more than 4 years ago. Since then, i have been promoted twice. I have also been located in 2 different places within the office. On Friday, that became 3. I was told to clear my stuff and move back up to the 25th floor. Back because just 2 years ago i was told to move down to the 13th floor.

I have never bothered to question why. I have always understood that there are bigger forces at play, bigger pictures to look at and i am just a foot soldier in the game. However, not everyone feels that way i guess, by the look and actions of the people involved. Now let's not get into why they feel that way... I just couldn't be bothered to.
I was more interested in moving all my stuff to the new workstation as soon as i can. I planned to settle in the new place and clear my junks slowly. I am amazed at the amount of junk i kept in the office, just 4 years into the job. I joked to my colleague "I hope if they want me to leave, they would give me a 1 week notice, cos i would need that much time to clear my junks".
With the junks cleared, real work could to come in. I've received a couple of interest from educational institutions, wanting to do community work. There seems to be a great number of good samaritans in Singapore; Everybody's into community work.

I also have the hospitality school to build as well as other community projects to plan for and many many minutes of meeting to write. I hope 2007 will be a good year at the office, not that previous years have not been. I have been promoted twice, remember.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

CBD 1st Anniversary Run - 23 Jan 07

Back in Singapore and suffering from sore limps, I really needed a recovery run. Tuesday came by and there is only one place to be at; Tanjung Pagar MRT station for the CBD Run. This week happened to be the first anniversary of the run and there were plans for a small celebration after the run.

I almost couldn't make it, having to be in Bintan for a meeting. Thankfully boss decided to leave via 1430hrs ferry. Reached Singapore at 1630hrs, i immediately left for Capital Towers' Starbucks, and cleared emails and blogged.

Changed into my Mizuno blue running top and shorts, NB 1060 and put on my urban running kit. There was already a crowd at the start point and new members were gathered for a photo shoot, which was followed by a photo for all who turned up. Littletigger explained the route before starting the run. I followed closely behind, only to stop a km later, feeling tightness of the thighs and calves. Most of the other runners passed by while i did my stretches.

Caught up with JT, Charlotte and gang, i decided to be more adventurous and started to try out the chi-running technique, only to stop less than 100m ahead. Then i tried doing fartleks, and continued until i caught up with the main group.

It was then two short sprints down and then up the tunnel, before a slow jog to the junction of Maxwell and Robinson Rd. Once the lights turned green for padestrian to cross, i did my usual sprint finish. Many others waited at the finish line, including, TLR, FD, Dasher, Teelee etc.

The sky had already began to drizzle by then, and we adjourned to a canteen behind one of the buildings. Food were laid out, and we tucked in soon after. I brought kueh from Bintan, made by Pipin's mum at her village home. Village food always taste great.

There were then some speeches before the anniversary cake was cut. I had a slice, great stuff.
A good recovery run after the gruelling 30km in KL.

Shoe: NB 1060
Distance: 7km

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Great Eastern Pacesetters 30km - 21 Jan 07

The day started with me waking up at 0415hrs. After shower, i put on my SGRunners vest, adidas black shorts, Adizero SN Red and race belt filled with my urban running kit and 3 packs of powergel. No breakfast since i forgot to bring my box of Myoplex, guessed 3 capsules of Amino Acid will do. Leaving the hotel room, i could hear noise from the lobby, which was filled with fellow runners, all excited, all eager to get to the start point.

The good people of Coronade Hotel has arranged for transport to bring us to Taman Tasek Perdana, the start point which we reached at 0515hrs. I did my usual stretches and tightened my laces, all ready to go. Volunteers came by, asking for reporting cards, which they took and exchanged with a purple ribbon.

The MC announced that the race will start in 5, then 4 minutes time. There were some cheers i could not make out, but soon the countdown began. The horn sounded, signalling the start of the race. Off the runners went, and so did i. Slowly made my way up the slope towards the main road before stopping for a pee break.

The route takes us out of Taman Tasek Perdana towards Jalan Parlimen. The first 10km will be similar to that of the Mizuno Wave run. We then have to do another half loop before proceeding on towards Desa Sri Hartamas and back.

Up and down the rolling hills, i completed my first 10km in about 1:05. Saw familiar faces along the way; overtook gentle and laokayu before being overtaken by hohorunner and then littletigger, who i tried to match stride for stride for more than 3km. Took my first pack of powergel at the 5km waterstation. Saw my good neighbour sassyrunner and immediately knew that she had problems. She complained of stomach pains. I told her the start point is up ahead before leaving her behind, looking out for medics stationed along the way.

Going back down Jalan Parlimen, we needed to run 5km of the same rolling hills as the first 5km. However, this time the route brings us towards Desa Sri Hartamas. Saw Tey Eng Tiong, the Pacesetter blogger who always run with a camera. Upon reaching the waterpoint at the 15km mark, i took my second serving of powergel. Even then, I had no confidence of finishing the race in the cut off time of 3:30. My spirit and strength were rejuvenated when i saw familiar faces running on the opposite direction at Sri Hartamas. First was Bug, then Teelee, Bee, DO, Dreamrunner, Ronnie, and many more. Looking out for familiar faces on the opposite side of the road was a good distraction for me as before i realised, i reached the 20km point, equipped with water points and volunteers giving out powergels. Since i still have a pack with me, i declined their offer. Said my hello and shook hands with Mr Lim, a Pacesetter member who i met in Bidor last November. Mr Lim was giving out ribbons and told me i had about 10km left. Looking at my Polar, i realised i had 1:20 to go. Should be enough to finish 10km.

The last 10km was indeed the toughest part of the race. Being bored i chatted with anyone who was willing to talk to me. I talked to Amanda, another Pacesetter member, Farmy, the Adirun fella from Singapore as well as Andy, who was having cramps. Gentle caught up at the last km and we ran up Jalan Duta until i saw Uncle Maswar aka Spiderman. Uncle Maswar is a fantastic runner and a good friend. He jokingly asked why am i so slow. I replied that i forgot to wear my roller blades.

Reaching the entrance to Taman Tasek Perdana, i knew the ending point was near. Couldn't remember who told me that Ripley and KJ were ahead, armed with camera, waiting to shoot. So i reserved my best pose and finished the run in 3:20.

Next thing to do was collect all the goodies; goodie bag, finisher's tee and medal, and lots of good food. Remembered my promise to turn back and run the last few hundred meters with JT, i went back to the garden's entrance. Charlotte, Babumouse, Meteor, Divey, Laokayu and Daisiki ran past before JT appeared. I then ran with her, informing about Ripley and KJ, then stepping aside to leave her to enjoy the glory.
A great event this 30km race. Though i am not used to the rolling hills and could not think of anywhere in Singapore with similar stretches of terrain, i think the organisers have made an excellent effort in making the event a successful and enjoyable one. Volunteers, be it those giving out ribbons to those mending the waterpoint were very helpful. Great to meet up with new and old friends; Amanda and Mr Lim from Pacesetters; BoSe, LCPSimongoh, Spike Flicker from SGRunners; Farmy from Adidas.

Next up, KL International Marathon, 18 March 2007. Before that, a good shower and a sumptous lunch, before a grueling toiletless 5 hour coach ride back to Singapore.

Shoe: Adidas Adizero SN Red
Distance: 30km
Time: 3:20

Monday, January 22, 2007

Summary for week of 14 - 20 Jan 07

Was still sick, flu and fever just refused to go away.
  • Sunday, 14 Jan: No runs. There was a power failure back at the office. Unfortunately i was one of the keyholder so i had to spend a few hours back at the office.
  • Monday, 15 Jan: Had to be in Bintan to get the work permit done. No runs.
  • Tuesday, 16 Jan: CBD run.
  • Wednesday, 17 Jan: No runs, bad weather.
  • Thursday, 18 Jan: No runs, made a last ditch effort to recover from flu and fever by sleeping early, after packing for KL trip.
  • Friday, 19 Jan: Left for KL via the night train. No runs.
  • Saturday, 20 Jan: Arrived at KL in the morning. No runs.

Though i would have preferred a final run in the later part of the week in preparation for a race, bad weather and travel made me settle for just the CBD run. I hope that wouldn't mean too much rest before the GE Pacesetters 30km.

GE Pacesetters 30km - Prelude to the race Fri, 19 Jan

I was all stressed out about this trip. Firstly, the flu and fever I've been suffering from for the last week have yet to heal, fully. I was still coughing. Next, i was the contact person for the group's accommodation. Thankfully, Diana from Coronade Hotel in KL has been a darling. I know of other reservation staff that would not tolerate with my late replies and constant amendments. Lastly, the biggest stress of all was the qualifying time for the race itself. Qualifying for what, i was not sure. I just knew that i have to complete the 30km in 3:30. Being a genuinely slow runner that i am, 3:30 seems a very daunting task.
19 runners from SGRunners took the train up to KL, from Tanjung Pagar Railway station. Ed was around to see me off, and assisted in giving out the immigration cards to the runners. Just before 10pm, all 19 of us cleared immigration and got on the train. My bunk was smack in the middle of the carriage, opposite Andy's. I would have preferred boarding from Johor, but knowing how fun it is to travel in a group, i decided to splash out the cash and bought the tickets for departure from Singapore costing about S$43, instead of the RM 42 from JB.

There were joy and laughter on the train as we plotted to surprise Run3 with a birthday song. Her birthday card was already being circulated for signatures and wishes, discreetly, as soon as we boarded. After clearing Singapore immigration, we waited for midnite to come before springing a surprise on her.

The train must have been delayed somewhere along the way as by 7am the next day we were only at Seremban. We eventually reached KL Sentral just before 9am. After washing up, we left for the hotel via the monorail. I have requested Diana to provide us with at least a room for early check-in, so that we can dump our bags before patrolling the areas around Bukit Bintang. Babumouse managed to get himself lost and the rest of us waited while Renoh and Andy Goh went searching for him. He eventually appeared and we left for Bukit Bintang station.

The hotel was just beside Lot 10, which had the monorail station just in front of it. We saw Dreamrunner and DO before i approached the counter to check into the 1 room i specially requested for. Having checked in, and dumping our bags, Freddie led us to a food court at the top floor of Sungei Wang Plaza. I had 1 roti canai (prata) kosong and a roti tampal (plaster) and washed them down with teh tarik.

Not knowing what to do, the group left for Berjaya Times Square, where we split up into 3 groups; one went shopping while the other 2 watched movies, Blood Diamond and Pathfinder. I was with the one that watched Pathfinder and i must admit that it was a horrible show.
On our way back to the hotel after the show, we bumped into Teelee, Roentgen, Charlotte, KJ and JT. This group took the Friday evening bus and has been scouring KL for food all day. Back at the hotel, I managed to get everyone their rooms. Other groups like those of Doraemon_Red, Fennel, tkTan, Swoop and Laokayu; Xinwei and Farmy; and LCPSimongoh and Joao_li gathered together with us at 4pm, waiting for Yeehua to come by with the racepacks. As soon as she arrived I distributed the packs out before searching for food at Bukit Bintang with cFred and my roommate Renoh. We eventually had hot dogs at 1901.

We joined the rest of the group later and walked towards Petaling Street, breathing in carbon monoxide, dreaming of Mata Kucing. The sky had other plans though and opened up, leaving us settling for a coffee shop serving Indian food. I had Maggi mee goreng, hardly the ideal pre-race carbo-loading choice. As the rain got lighter, we left to return to Bukit Bintang, shopping for breakfast at Giant of Sungei Wang Plaza before having coffee and cakes at Dome.

By 10pm we were back at the hotel room. Having enjoyed seeing Liverpool beating Chelsea on ESPN, i dozed off.

Friday, January 19, 2007

CBD Run - 16 Jan 07

Having been under the weather since Wednesday, i badly missed running. Tuesday came by and so did the weekly CBD run.
It was raining when i reached CBD, Petia was already there. Soon, more sgrunners appeared. I changed into my NB kit, wearing the shorts and vest for the first time. After organising my urban running kit, i got back to the gathering area, it was already drizzling.
Tigger led the run, which started very slowly. I have already decided to do the normal 10km route. That way, i wouldn't need to wear the footpod.
Did the first stretch with Alvo and Meteor but after a toilet break at the pier, was all alone. In fact, less Michiy and Mrs Gentle who were doing 6km, i was the last runner. I picked up pace and before long, came up to Gentle at the intersection to the country club. I turned right towards the club and got level with Tigger and Hohorunner before IMD appeared, already into his second loop. I tried catching up to Le-Charlotte, who i knew was about 200m ahead, as her bright pink tee-shirt was within my sights.
After the seafood centre, IMD caught up. We picked up speed and caught up with Charlotte at the tunnel. I then continued the pace to the finish line.
A relaxing run in cool weather. I don't think i will be running again for the rest of the week. I hope this run will be enough to prepare me for the GE Pacesetters 30km in KL this Sunday. Come to think of it, seems more like Fat Hope.
Shoes: NB 1060
Distance: 10km

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Summary of week 7 - 13 Jan

Nothing but rain, flu and fever.
  • Sunday, 7 Dec: No runs. Did laundry at mum's place before househunting after dinner at Sengkang. Couldn't imagine the amount of stress involved just trying to look for THE right flat.
  • Monday, 8 Dec: No runs, was outstation, cancelling my old work permit so that i can get a new one.
  • Tuesday, 9 Dec: CBD Run. Slow run in cold weather.
  • Wednesday, 10 Dec: Cancelled my evening run as fever sets in.
  • Thursday, 11 Dec: Reported sick, went to the clinic and waited for 1.5hrs before meeting the doc. I thought long wait only happens at polyclinic. Should have gone to polyclinic since i would have gotten free medical services just by producing my blood donor's card. Anyway, was too weak to travel. Doc Albert said i have high fever (39 C), flu and throat infection, gave me 2 days MC and some medicine.
  • Friday, 12 Dec: After spending more than a day doing nothing but sleeping, i decided to venture out for dinner. After being disappointed by the range of food at Compasspoint, decided to brave the rain and travelled to Causeway Point.
  • Saturday, 13 Dec: Temperature went down a little bit but flu and throat infection remained. Dropped by Jackwina's flat in Punggol, LeAnn's first birthday.

For the first time since i started working full-time, i was so sick that i had to take medical leave. Never liked to take MC, not even during NS. Hope it won't be a routine. Talking about routine, i should be routinely running since KL Pacesetters 30km race is just a week away.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

CBD Run - 9 Jan 07

The day started with continuous rain, and it continued until about 1700hrs. Preparing for the worse, i refused to leave office in my running attire, wearing my shirt and bermudas instead.
I was first to reach the start point but Tiwazz, Reconteur, Philip, Le_Charlotte, Bee, Terrance, tktan and Petia came by not long after. Though there was a slight drizzle, i only decided to change to my running gear when Aichai arrived.
Leaving our bags in Aichai's car, we left the startpoint and headed for Marina South. Together with Bee and Philip, i did a slow run and arrived at the Marina Pier. There were some constructions taking place along the route causing us to alternate between running on the road and the pavements.
After a routine stop at the Pier's toilet, i continued my run with Bee. Aichai told us that he was going to take a short cut back to the start with Petia, so i got Reconteur to follow us. The journey back was at a comfortable pace. Just as we ran past the Country Club, tktan and Terrance sped past, already doing their 2nd loop. I guess their speed took Reconteur aback, since it was his first run with SGRunners. I assured him that though everyone in SGRunners will claim to be slow, there are genuine slow coaches, me being one of them.
When we reached the bus-stop in front of Marina Bay station, i saw what looked like Charlotte. It was indeed her, seemed to be nursing an injury. I caught up with her and motioned for the rest to slow down. SGRunners have this good practice of ensuring female runners do not run alone in dark places, not that they are incapable of defending themselves. Far from it, some of the lady runners i know are much fitter and faster than the guys.
We reached the end point at 2014hrs. I did some stretches before leaving for dinner at Maxwell market.
Shoe: NB 1060, still too firm for my liking.
Distance: 10km
Time: 1:08

Summary of week 31 Dec 06 - 6 Jan 07

What a way to end year 2006. Will 2007 be as good as 2006??
  • Sunday, 31 Dec: Hari Raya Haji. Ultramarathon at Macritchie Reservoir. Craziest thing i ever did.
  • Monday, 1 Jan: New Year's Day. No runs. I couldn't even walk properly.
  • Tuesday, 2 Jan: Public Holiday in lieu. No CBD Run. Could walk but was limping slightly.
  • Wednesday, 3 Jan: Heavy rain. Had a dinner meeting anyway so no runs.
  • Thursday, 4 Jan: No runs, was outstation. Worked until 2330hrs.
  • Friday, 5 Jan: Was outstation most of the day, reached home at 2300hrs.
  • Saturday, 6 Jan: Thought about running, but got up at 1000hrs. Didn't take the plane, but ferry instead. So i guess i was boat-lagged??

An excellent experience gained by participating in the Ultramarathon. I was very tired after that, but given a choice between the Ultra and the New Year countdown, Ultra surely win hands down. No doubt about it.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The longest day - MR25 Ultramarathon 31 Dec 2006

The MR25 Ultramarathon, traditionally held at Macritchie Reservoir every last Sunday of the year, took place on 31 Dec 2006, which incidentally was also Hari Raya Idul Adha.

Having completed the full marathon just early Dec, i felt that i could conquer the world and thus decided to participate in this event, where competitors are required to complete at least 5 loops of the 10.5km mostly-trail route.

Got up at 5am and made my way to my good neighbour Sassyrunner's block where the famous TLV was waiting to bring us to MR. I brought with me, 8 packs of Powergel, 6 packs of Nature Valley Oat Bar, 4 bottles filled with Endurox, 2 cans of Red Bull, 3 bite-size packs of Sneakers, 1 bottle of H20 plus the 4 bottles of Nathan Hydrabelt and a box with 2 slices of Secret Recipe's Chocolate Banana cakes.

Wearing my Adistar Orange Tee and Black thights, i had my Adizero SN Orange on, probably for the last time. Having been advised, i also carried extra clothings and gear, which includes my old Adidas Uzuma and a trail shoe, which i wore to climb Mt Bintan a few years ago.

Reaching at 0640hrs, I immediately put on all my gears and registered for the event at the control table. Before the official blew the whistle signalling the start of the race, LKY organised SGRunners present for a photoshoot. 3 minutes after the start, i came out from the toilet and together with Balasing, Sassyrunner and cFred, started our run.

The 10.5km route starts at the lower toilet, then left and up by the reservoir before going into the canopy covered Northern trail. After about 2.5km of trail, the entrance of Singapore Island Country Club will appear. Follow the road up towards the PUB water station before going back into the trail and reaching the Ranger station, where a toilet and water fountain can be found. Usually, runners will have to go through a rock laden trail before reaching Jelutong tower and the boardwalk heading for the golf course. However, continuous rain the past weeks caused a couple of landslides. Organisers changed the route and runners had to run through a more opened trail, less canopy and more sand and mud, before running up and down part of HSBC's tree-top walk and exiting just before jelutong tower. After the boardwalk will be the golf course area before runners get back into the canopy for a run on trail filled with roots and low branches. This will take runners to the junction with Lornie trail where traditionally a left turn will have to be made. However, runners were given a compensation for the longer route along tree-top walk, and the route was adjusted to cover the pavements along Lornie Rd back to the start point.

As usual, everyone promised to run slow but i reached SICC in less than 25mins, where the first water point was. I then decided to slow down and let Balasing, Sassyrunner and cFred proceed. Then was a pee-break at the Ranger station toilet and another drink stop at the junction of Lornie trail before ending my first loop in 1:21.

A 5 minutes rest with a bottle of Endurox and a pack of Powergel and i continued my 2nd loop, which was not any different from the first. The worn out Adizero SN meant even lesser forefoot cushioning for me, which take its toll when i ran on rocks. I finished the second loop in 1:28.

After another 5 mins break with a can of Red Bull and a pack of Powergel, i started my third. The pain on my forefeet convinced me that this round will be much slower. I decided to walk upon seeing Ripley doing the same. TLR and Kayano ran past. We ran on the tree-top area as well as the mangrove boardwalk but Ripley decided not to break her momentum when she reached the golf course. I followed slowly a distance behind. At Lornie Rd, she was already about 100m in front of me. I finished the loop in just 10min short of 2hrs.

Alvo and Meteor gave me a slice of watermelon. I drank another bottle of Endurox before deciding to walk the 4th round. Though i thought the walk was very slow, i managed to complete it in 2:08, nothing evenful less Sotong and Cheow walking a dog though the trail, bumping into me at the waterpoint of Lornie Rd, which have been shifted from junction of Lornie trail.

I thought about resting for half an hour before attempting my fifth. Sassyrunner, who has been sleeping after finishing her leisure walk, woke up and said "run lah you lazy bum". Hhmm, and she was the one sleeping.

TLR finished his 4th as i made my way to the toilet. He complained of cramps before agreeing to walk with me. We had a slow walk, with him telling me that the event was his 70th competitive race. It was only my 20th. Just when we were about to reach SICC, we bumped into Sotong and Cheow, and we showed them our tired face, but no mercy so we continued on. When we reached Lornie Rd, TLR decided to run because he was very hungry and can't wait to get home. But i said i can't so he continued on while i walked. Just about 200m from the finish line, i turned around and saw Jamessoh, who i knew was also into the last round. James powered past me just 20m from the finish line, while i limped. Sotong was snapping some pictures as i finished my loop in 2:35, the race in 10:12. I reported to the race controller of my finish and collected my certificate.

With cramps near my left hip joint, and terribly sore forefoot, i continued walking and slowly retiring to a chair. More Sgrunners completed the race and were now at the support station. SV finished his and in just 5mins he was already asleep. Ripley finished hers in 11:30, completing 6 rounds. Well done buddies. I took a last look at my beloved Adizero SN before throwing it into the garbagebin. It was by far the best shoe i have worn, ever.

I realised that my marathon timing was 5:12 and i finished this race in 10:12, at 5:12... hhmm.. coincidence??

Took some time to rest and Teelee, who completed his in like 5 hours, drove Sassyrunner, cFred and me to Adam Rd. Since the day was Hari Raya Haji, all the Malay stalls were closed. I didn't really have any appetite to eat but needed something solid. Luckily, there was a prata shop. 2 pratas later, i ordered 100plus and was shivering uncontrollably after that. It stopped after about 10mins, i ensured regular breathing thoughout.

Thanks to people like Philip who introduced me to the event when i first joined SGRunners, Dreamrunner and Cokiee who introduced me to the route, Kayano, SV, Fennel and Yeowm who ran with me during training runs, Sotong and his support crew who were tirelessly providing all forms of support, the MR25 crew and volunteers for organising and operating such splendid event, and to all those who gave me their best wishes. Thank you. Wouldn't have been able to do it without you guys.

I remembered in Primary school, when asked to write a composition describing a picnic or an outing, my last sentence have always been "tired but happy". That was precisely how i felt when i reached home, on my bed, trying to rest and sleep. I was tired but happy, and can't wait for last Sunday of 2007. But next, Pacesetters 30km in 3:30 in KL, 21 Jan 07.

Summary of week 24 -30 Dec

Week of 24-30 Dec, rained most of the time, plus carbo-fat loading for Ultramarathon.

Sunday, 24 Dec: Raining, no runs.
Monday, 25 Dec: Christmas Day, raining, no runs.
Tuesday, 26 Dec: Travel day, heavy rain in both Bintan and Singapore. Came across a head-on road traffic accident just before the entrance to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.
Wednesday, 27 Dec: Raining, no runs.
Thursday, 28 Dec: No runs.
Friday, 29 Dec: No runs.
Saturday, 30 Dec: No runs.

Sun came out during the later part of the week. However, too late for any serious running. So will be attempting Ultramarathon with just 2 rounds of training runs and no training for 2 weeks prior to the event itself. Good luck to me!!