Friday, December 29, 2006

Sop Ayam for the soul

Went to Bintan on Tuesday. The cold weather caused me to crave for something hot and soupy. A short journey to Pujasera and i immediately ordered Sop Ayam, from the ibu of Sri Bintan. She has just re-opened her stall after being closed for a while, since the unfortunate drowning of her son, god bless his soul.

The ibu was delighted to see me and knew what i was about to order. A short while later, i was already gobbing off the soup, accompanied by tempe and tahu bachem bought from another stall. The soup contains shredded chicken meat, pieces of potatoes and carrots, and served with rice or bee-hoon. It is similar to Soto Ayam found in Singapore, minus most of the spices.
The ibu doesn't sell the best sop ayam in Bintan though. The best, to me, can be found about an hour away, in the village of Sri Bintan.
If you are a tourist in Bintan Resorts, take the route out towards the security post. At the simpang (junction), take a right and follow the road towards Tanjung Pinang. Once you reached the village of Sri Bintan, look out for a shophouse near the village chief's office. A bit off the beaten track, but believe me, its worth it.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Summary of week 17 - 23 Dec

No runs, just flu and rain.
Sunday, 17 Dec: No runs
Monday, 18 Dec: No runs
Tuesday, 18 Dec: Travel day, raining anyway.
Wednesday, 19 Dec: No runs, was down with flu.
Thursday, 20 Dec: No runs, christmas shopping, more like eating.
Friday, 21 Dec: No runs, eating again
Saturday, 22 Dec: No runs, still down with flu.
It was raining most of the time and i was down with flu, so took the time to rest, with Ultramarathon just a week away.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Wrappers and ribbons

Everybody's into the Christmas mood now. The office has been holding Christmas lunches for these two days. Yesterday, the bosses decided to have an informal gathering for all the related companies within the building. As a number of the dishes were what i would call "unfriendly to a MAT", i decided to stick to mango jelly and durian puffs.
Today, after receiving great many presents, my mum decided to treat her office to a "Chicken Curry lunch". I was invited of course.
I received 3 presents this year, from these wonderful people: Irwan, Elfast and Alfred. Thanks buddies.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Under the weather

Continuous rain swept through Singapore and Bintan for the last couple of days. It was raining on sunday, when i went for lunch at the railway station. It was raining on Monday, when i decided to pig-out with Double Whopper with Cheese Meal at Burger King Plaza Singapura. It was raining very heavily when i braved the sea to get to and from Bintan on Tuesday.
But it wasn't raining today, less some slight drizzle. Unfortunately, the weather has got to me, and i am down with cold. Went to the doc, but he just gave me some medicines; 10 tablets of chlorpheniramine - take 1 at 10pm (supposed to knock me out for 8 hours), a 90ml bottle of dhasedyl syrup - take 10ml 3 times a day, may cause drowsiness, and 6 tabs of de-cold srfc - take 1 in the morning after food. The medication and consultation costs me $27. I should have just gone to Guardian's Pharmacy and buy piriton, clarinase and some cough syrup from the pharmacist.

The doctor didn't even raise the issue of MC (medical certificate). Talking about that, i have yet to "throw" MC since i started this job, 4yrs 2mths ago. Time for one.....??

So no runs these few days. Need to rest to get well.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Summary of week 10 - 16 Dec

Sunday, 10 Dec: No runs, rested sore ankles.
Monday, 11 Dec: No runs
Tuesday, 12 Dec: CBD Run. 7km.
Wednesday, 13 Dec: No runs.
Thursday, 14 Dec: No runs.
Friday, 15 Dec: No runs.
Saturday, 16 Dec: Ultramarathon training, one loop at MR, 10.5km.

Ultramarathon training - 16 Dec

Did another training run at MR. Planned for 2 rounds but was too tired after completing 1.
Yeowm joined in the run, SV had to work. Supposed to start at 730am but the reaction of chilli from the "Nasi Goreng Kampong" I had the afternoon before caused a delay of less than an hour. Many apologies to yeowm, he waited since 715am.
Started the run just after 830am, yeowm led, since he claimed to be a slow runner. Everyone in sgrunners claimed to be slow. Took a pit-stop at the ranger's station. Realising that the day was rather humid, i took extra gulp of drink from the cooler fountain before continuing.
By the time we got to the golf course, the sun was shining full-force. We quickly ran towards the canopy again, slowly moving along the roots-laden trail before turning left into Lornie trail and back towards the start/end point.
Completed the loop in 1hr 15mins, still too fast. Bumped into littletigger and friends, who completed a 20km route. Bug and gem then came by to say hello.
Too tired for second helping so decided to leave for Toa Payoh pool but realised that my bag strap was stucked in the locker below mine. Uncle janitor came by to assist, after gem spoke some hua-yi to him.
Shoe: Adizero SN Orange
Distance: 10.5km

CBD Run - 12 Dec

Cool, cloudy weather throughout the day but no rain. Decided to join the CBD Run to try out my new pair of NB1060. Managed to convince JT to join, promised to run at her pace.
Together with Bee, Charlotte and JT, ran towards Esplanade before entering the Promenade heading for Kallang. U-turned at the Canoe Centre, but walked the way back after pit-stop at Marina toilet.
Shoe: NB1060. Stiff forefoot cushioning but excellent in terms of space and heal cushion. Need more runs to "season".
Distance: 7km

Summary for Week of 3 - 9 Dec

Sunday, 3 Dec: Marathon day, completed 42.195km in 5hr 12mins. Was doing fine until 35km, could have finished in sub-5hr. But cramp struck and the rest is history.
Monday, 4 Dec: Rest
Tuesday, 5 Dec: No runs due to rain. Had an "SGRunners Post SCSM Sayang Gathering" at CBD run start/end point.
Wednesday, 6 Dec: Short but fast 7km at Marina Promenade.
Thursday, 7 Dec: No runs, travel day.
Friday, 8 Dec: No runs. Sis gave birth to second son, Mikhail Armani.
Saturday, 9 Dec: MR Ultramarathon Recce, 10.5km.
Went to visit sis and family at KKH.

Trail running - MR, 9 Dec 06

The last time i set foot in Macritchie (MR) was during PA training, way back in 1997. Didn't really like running on trail, tend to be overly concerned for my ankles. But with Ultramarathon looming, i decided to give MR another chance, or should i say try.

Balasing agreed to show me the 10.5km trail, but the night before, he had a fight with his stomach, and the stomach won. So Dreamrunner led the run, with Fennel, SV, Kayano, Cokiee and me following behind. Commando did his own run.
The 10.5km stretched from canopy-covered rocks/gravel/muddy trails, road, boardwalk and golf track. We made a pit-stop at the ranger station before heading towards the golf course, then back towards the Lornie trail (where cross-country runs were held during secondary school days). Reached the start/end point at about 1hr 10mins, passing Brokie and family along the way.

Excellent run and route. Need to do this more often.

Shoe: Adizero SN Orange (too soft for trail but decided to wear this before disposing after the Ultramarathon)
Distance: 10.5km

New Shoes - As good as Adizero??

I have been searching for new shoes ever since the Adidas shop increased the price of Adizero SN. I did make an attempt to switch to Mizuno, but had a miserable run in Creation 7. With World of Sport having a 40% discount plus a further 10% off for members, i decided to buy the New Balance 1060.
When i tried the shoe before buying, the forefoot cushioning felt rather stiff. Hopefully, a few runs in it will make it better. I hope.....

Recovery Run - 6 Dec

Did a short recovery run along Marina Promenade. Since Wednesdays are unofficial designated exercise days, i started my run at 5. Didn't have the footpod on but i ran about 7km based on previous session. Was supposed to run at slow, relaxed pace but couldn't keep the speed in check.

Shoe: Adizero SN Red
Distance: 7km

Life after first marathon

HHmm... where should i start? This blog is meant to be a continuation of the old one, which was about nothing other than me training for my maiden marathon. Completed that, and needed a new start, hence this.
I shall continue where i left off, which should be the day after the marathon.........