Monday, May 05, 2008

Tribob Singapore Sprint Series Duathlon - 4 May 08

Second race of the year and the second race in the Sprint Series. Got to race site early, thanks to my aunt's Lancer. Ed was there to cheer me on and provide logistical assistance. My black Scott AFD was at the Rodalink workshop so i had to use Ed's Helios 500.

Collected race chip and set up transition consisting of 2XU visor and drinks. The weather was very hot and i was gulping down lots of fluid. Wearing my 2XU red tri-thights and Adidas white vest, i did some stretching and warm ups before meeting up with Burnz, Aerosolcan, Jodan, Sanjeev and Daniel Gan.

The race started and everybody went off sprinting, everybody except for me. I did a consistent run and completed the segment in 16:33mins, not exactly race speed. Got to my bike, threw the visor down and put on LAS helmet before unhooking the bike for the slow jog to the mounting line.

Mounted and spinned on the lightest gear to acclimatise the legs. The ride section consisted of 3 loops of undulating 5kms at Old and new Mandai Rd. The route was pretty narrow so overtaking needed a lot of certainty. Completed the 3 loops in 33:02mins. Dismounted and slow jogged to the transition slot.

Hooked the bike, dropped the helmet and put on the visor. A gulp of water and i was off running, slowly to prevent cramps. Heard a lot of horror stories regarding cramps during duathlon. Eventually i fell victim to a kind circa 1.5km and had to slow down, real slow. After the waterpoint, i continued running and finished the run in 20:20mins for an overall race time of 1:13hrs.

Good race, good route, weather was extremely hot.

Run1: 3km
Time: 1:13hrs

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