Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mini aquathlon on a Wednesday - 26 Mar 08

I told myself and a few of my friends that i will be laying off training this week. What a big liar i am. The truth is, while i was nursing my dry cough and fever, my feet and hands were itching for any kind of workout.
Got back to work on Wednesday and weather was fine though dark clouds were lingering when the clock struck 5pm. Changed into my running attire of Mizuno white vest and black shorts, John Doe tag on ankle and NB 735 blue on feet. I also had with me a towel, goggles, swim cap and trunks.
Left office and headed for the 1km route to Jalan Besar swimming pool. Paid the S$1 entrance fee and changed into swimming attire. Jumped into the pool and started front crawl routine.
It must have been the toughest 8 x 50m i have ever swam in my life. Yes, close to 2 months ago i could't even swim freestyle but i should have been more relaxed. Thigh started to feel crampy by the time i hit the wall for the 4th time. Couldn't get into breathing on every 3rd stroke routine and ended up taking in air by the right only after every 2 pulls. Relaxed a while and continued another 4 laps, all with rest in between.
With 15mins to go before the clock hits 6pm, i decided i have had enough. At least i could swim continuously over 50m for 4 laps. Changed into running attire again and slowly ran the 1km back to office building.
Ran: 2 x 1km
Swam: 8 x 50m

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