Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Swim lesson - 17 Mar 08

Venue changed to Delta pool. Very old complex. Toilet was dirty. Training pool was shallow, at 0.8m. I was tired!! No sleep, 22km run in the morning and now swim lessons at night.
Anyhow, did the usual kicking with board warmup before doing catch-up with board swim for a few laps. Revised the catch-up thumps together front crawl swimming before proceeding to normal front crawl swim. Think i found my relaxed position in thumps together front crawl as i had a very hard time swimming normal front crawl after that. Butt and legs kept on sinking. The shallower pool made me very cautious of not kicking the floor. I also had difficulty rolling over on my right (breathing left) and drank lots and lots of chlorine water (can tell by the size of my tummy after the lesson).
Coach pulled me over and said, "I got to be honest with you. I think you will take a longer time to get your swim right. You can tell for yourself. Just make sure you remain patient. There are others like you who gave up, but there are also those that completed ironman races". Think i will take that as a motivation and challenge, not a discouragement. Thanks Coach.
Batteries went flat after an hour and my shoulders were sore. Legs felt light, probably the after effects of the morning run setting in. Not a good session for me. I've seen better days.

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