Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday Run at Dawn - 17 Mar 08

Got back from Shah Alam at 445am and headed to office as the drop off point was at Golden Mile. Ed decided to head to her parents place and i didn't want to go all the way home when i'm right in front of the office. Entered office and made my presence felt to Linda, not the first time i appeared at office in the wee hours of the morning.
Knowing that i will not be able to sleep, i changed into Adidas white tee, black shorts, NB 735 Blue, USK on race belt, white Nike cap, Zen in hand and headed out for a run. Run started at 530am. Plan was to do a return of the 26km abandoned on Friday due to the rain and time constraint.
Started rather fast this time around. Reached Esplanade for first pit stop and continued on towards Kim Seng. Felt pace was too fast so i slowed down, to save my legs for distance ahead. Stopped at Clarke Quay for the second pit stop but by then i already felt tired. Guess the intermitent sleep on the bus didn't go too well with a morning run. I should be getting some sleep instead.
Nevertheless, i continued on, going up the Esplanade bridge and turning left towards Marina South at Maxwell Rd. Time was already 7am then so i decided against doing the long route and headed straight for the pier instead. Pit stop 3 was at the pier. Didn't bring powergel and the shops were closed so i settled for tap water.
Slowly made my way back to Raffles Place, cutting into the new road that leads to Lao Pa Sat instead of using Maxwell Rd. Last pit stop was at Esplanade, but i was dead tired by then. Walked-jogged the rest of the way back to the end point at Crawford Street.
Distance covered was 22.4km, according to
Shoe: NB 745 Blue
Feelings: Tired. Probably a very bad idea to do this run but i needed the mileage. Legs felt like jelly.

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